Work at Home Free EBook Givaway With a Unique Viral Twist

Work at Home Free EBook Givaway With a Unique Viral Twist

Harvey Segal’s eBook Ultimate Supertips program is quite an interesting and novel idea. He has put a lot of thought into this eBook that no other writers have yet done. It is also cleverly laid out. He doesn’t ask you for payment, but coaxes the reader to follow him throughout his book by using a clever technique called the magic Red button. This magic button when you click on it leads you to a new chapter which again excites you so much you want to read even more. That’s where the uniqueness of the eBook comes into its own because there is another Red Magic Button to click on which takes you even deeper into the realms of the adventure. It gets your adrenalin going and you know that kind of feeling you get when you just have to look through that partially open door.

So you feel like you really need to click each magic Red Button. The eBook has a story that almost takes you back to your childhood days when you were reading story books like the secret seven when you could not wait to get the next one. It is like a mystery because each chapter builds up the excitement and the only way to find out more is through that clever Red Button. It leaves the reader wondering just how he will achieve this promise of excitement but again that is the magic of the book. He has invented a very clever system of enticement that will see most readers following his story to get that piece of seemingly irresistible piece of information. I have read many of Harvey’s earlier eBooks, but I have to say he has pulled out all the stops with Ultimate Supertips. It is such powerful reading that the reader finds themselves drawn deeper into the various chapters as you strive to find out just what it is he is on about. That is where the final part of his book comes into play and why it makes this eBook so successful and ends with a stunning viral twist in marketing ever invented.

This eBook would make an excellent classroom study book for any student who is thinking of taking a career in Information Technology. Harvey even has a remarkable email course to supplement this eBook and having read many of these emails can confirm that Harvey has truly put a great deal of time into this new idea of viral marketing.The layout suggests that this eBook was written with the work at home audience in mind or the unemployed. He tries to show the reader that it is possible to do something different and allow yourself a level of independence that you seldom find in a nine to five regular job. Who knows, either way it is certainly an awe inspiring read and one that will grace any coffee table. In concluding this eBook review I would say the Ultimate Supertips program is unique because it is firstly free to anyone and it captivates the reader. It beckons you to read more and there is a definite end goal in the Magic Viral twist and that so must click Red Button.

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