WordPress Security Plugins That Makes Your Website More Secure

August 24, 2019

Are you afraid of getting your website hacked? That is because you are not using the security plugins that you must use. Here are 10 WordPress Security Plugins that you should use to make your website secure and safe.

WordPress is the most common blogging platform used by many people. And, if you are also using WordPress then you must know the fact that you have a plugin to do almost everything. The same thing applies to the security of your website too. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available for free but which one is best?

To solve your problem, we have a list of WordPress security plugins that you can install right away and make your site the most secure. You need to pay attention to the security part of your site because if you lose your data it’s difficult to retrieve it.

Below I have told the best Security Plugins For WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform or software that you can use to create a website. WordPress is not the only one, but it is the best one. Yes, you have a lot of Blogging platforms like Blogger, Wix, Medium, etc. But WordPress is a software using which you can create almost every type of website.

So, no matter whether you are a blogger but if you are looking to create a website, then WordPress is the obvious choice. But we are not asking you to use WordPress here. We have already presumed that you are using WordPress and if you are using it, then you also need to make your website secure.

In, the eyes of search engines security is one of the main points to consider. So, if your website does not appear in the search results maybe you need to make it more secure. But, that’s not the only reason.

We all know of the malware and internet threats. And, you never know who is the next victim so why not be prepared from the first place instead. So, install these plugins now and be prepared for future vulnerabilities.

What is WordPress?

Is WordPress Free?

Yes, WordPress is free but there are some hidden charges involved too. WordPress is a CMS Software that helps you develop websites knowing no sort of coding. Yes, you can create almost any website using the WordPress.

But, as we already mentioned WordPress is free but there is some sort of charges involved. It’s like you can create a website for free but to create the website you need some pre-requisitions. So, here are a few things that you need to create a secure website using WordPress:

A Domain Name

A hosting Plan

SSL certificate to make your site secure


Your domain name is the name of your website that will appear in the URL of a browser. So, to create a website first you will buy a domain name. A domain name is traded for $8 to $10 but there are always discounts that you can get. If you are buying your first domain, then you can get it for very cheap from GoDaddy or Namecheap.


Hosting is the server spacer that you require to host your content. Yes, you will have to rent server space from a hosting company where you can host your website. It may go up to any amount depending upon the plan you buy.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which makes your website secure with the server. And, Google considers it one of the various factors of ranking in the search results. So, if you want a secure website you will have to enable an SSL Certificate on your website making it an https site.

SSL Secure Socket Layer

Premium Resources

Then there are some premium themes and plugins that you can buy to make your site look better and secure. But, it is up to you whether or not you want to buy premium stuff. And, you may even require to pay developing charges if you are not creating your site by yourself.

What is the Minimum Cost of Creating a WordPress Site?

So, by now you know that you cannot create a site for free. To create a WordPress site you will have to buy a domain, hosting, etc. but what is the minimum cost that you will have to incur?

We cannot answer this question directly but we can give you an estimate of the cost. If you are buying a domain for the first time, then using some discount coupons you can get it for as cheap as $2.50. This may not be true for some people but it’s possible to get a domain for this cheap from GoDaddy. Change the Site currency to the US Dollar and apply this coupon code (CJC99R). And, you will get your domain for less than $2.50.

Another thing that you need is a hosting space. So, you can choose a cheaper plan initially because you are creating a new website that has no traffic in the initial phase. So, let’s consider a basic shared hosting plan from HostGator that starts from $1.38/month. This will cost you $16.78 for a year which we don’t recommend. Ideally, you should buy a cheap hosting plan for 3 months or 6 months only. Then as your audience grows, you should upgrade your hosting plan. But, for this example, we consider it as $16.78 for a year.

The SSL certificate can be enabled for free from Cloudflare. So, you don’t have to pay for an https site. And, rest of the things like premium themes and plugins are not the necessary part as you can create a secure site even with the free stuff. So, your total cost amounts to $18.88 that you will have to incur as minimum cost.

How do I Make My WordPress Site More Secure?

The first step that you need to do is create a WordPress site then only you can make it secure. And, to make a website secure choose a strong password and don’t share it with anyone. This is the basic problem that happens with most of the sites. If you don’t commit any mistake your site is the most secure one.

But, there are always threats. So, you can install a few of these WordPress Security Plugins that we have mentioned below. A few of the Plugins like Really Simple SSL, Hide, my WP, Jetpack are the most recommended WordPress Security Plugins. And, then others are also doing a very similar job. So, you should only install one plugin for one task because multiple plugins are going to misbehave and chances of your site going down are more.

You can also take care of your site by not sharing your credentials with a lot of people. And, if there are more than one users on your site, there are chances that your site is vulnerable. Because you cannot blame a person for that.

So, use these WordPress Security Plugins and add only a few Admins and Managers to your Site to make your site more secure.

WordPress Security Plugins List

1. Jetpack Security 

Jetpack is one of the most recommended WordPress Security Plugins. It has very diverse tools that you cannot imagine. You get Spam protection, malware protection, added security, blocking control, etc. with just one plugin called Jetpack.

It provides you with a lot of stats for your site related to comments, spam and other things that get unnoticed. And this plugin will stop them do this.ck also prevents your site in the backend from malicious attacks. It always happens that some people try to spam your comment section.

Jetpack WordPress Security Plugin

It leverages the power of server for WordPress and saves your time and money. You can make your site secure and fast with this plugin. It also helps you with the SEO and other things of your site. You can speed up images and pictures on your site. There are tools that help you check grammar and spellings of your content. You can also take a backup of your site with the Jetpack plugin.

It helps filter spams better but it also enables a sharing button on your site. And, it also helps you to automatically share your posts on social media. There is paid version with a lot of added security features. It is one of the best WordPress Security Plugins giving you almost every type of security related to WordPress.

2. Wordfenec Security 

Wordfenec Security is another Security plugin which has free and paid versions. You can get a premium version for $100 for a site a year. And, it reduces if you buy for more sites and longer period.

It offers firewall protection, WordPress scanner, malware protection and a lot of similar security options. Wordfence security is one of the most comprehensive WordPress Security Plugins. You get login securities like two-factor authentication and captcha code to prevent your site from unwanted login attempts.

Wordfenec WordPress Security Plugin

You get stats of live traffic, hack attempts, malware attacks on your site. Also, there are an option to block the IP Addresses and a particular country too. These tools like Realtime protection and blocking are not there in the free version. However, you can get a 30 days free trial to test this plugin then only invest in it.

This plugin focuses a lot on WordPress Firewall, WordPress Security Scanner and stuff like that. It is one of the most recommended WordPress Security Plugins to get installed.

3. iThemes Security

Despite having a lot of WordPress Security Plugins iThemes Security is the number one plugin that you should get. It has more than 30 ways to protect your site from hackers. It makes your site secure in just one click and yes there is paid version too with added features.

You can prevent your site from automated hack attempts and strengthens your credentials. We recommend this plugin because it actually makes your site secure. A lot of sites are hacked because of common issues like plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and obsolete software. And, this plugin formerly known as WP Security is there to protect your site.

iThemes Security Plugin

Security features like Malware Protection, Two-factor Authentication, Password Security, Security scan are always there. You can create a strong password with this plugin and also set an expiration date for the password after which it becomes obsolete. Features like Google Captcha and User Action Logging make your site more secure.

There is an option of brute force security that prevents your site from brute force attack. It maintains a data of those who tried to brute force other sites and this plugin bans those IP Addresses from attacking other sites. You can also manage more than one sites with iThemes Sync Integrations.

You can definitely install this plugin to make your WordPress site more secure and prevent it from hacking attempts. This is better than the previous Plugin that we have mentioned for a lower price and better features.

4. All in One WP Security & Firewall

All in One WP Security & Firewall is an all in one comprehensive, stable and easy to use WordPress Security Plugin with premium features. It enforces a lot of security features that create a firewall and make your site secure. This plugin protects your site by implementing the best practices that are the latest and make your WordPress site secure.

The best thing is that this plugin is completely free and safe. The problem with most of the WordPress Security Plugins is that they make your site slow but this one doesn’t. There are three levels of firewall- basic, intermediate and advanced level.

Most of the hacking attempts happen from the login page and the admin’s mistake. So, it makes sare that there are no admin usernames with admin and username and display name are different. If you have your username and display name as same you are just making half of the job easier for hackers.

All in One WP Security & Firewall WordPress Security Plugin

There are database security, firewall control, file security system and whatnot. It automatically protects your site from brute force attack and blocks the IP Addresses. You can easily take backups of your PHP files, .htaccess files, and the whole site.

So, this is an all in one security plugin that makes your site more secure and even it’s free, unlike the other WordPress Security Plugins.

5. Sucuri Security

Sometimes what happens is you get your website hacked which you shouldn’t be if you use these plugins. But let’s suppose your site is hacked and also you have the whole back up ready with you. So, you even got your site back as soon as it got hacked. But, the problem is what about your rankings and traffic?

You lose almost all the visitors of your site within minutes. But, if you use this plugin then you can get your site back in the previous position as soon as possible and get all the traffic back. Sucuri helps you get your whole data and ranking positions back to the previous one. It not only restores your site but also prevents it from getting hacked.

Sucuri Security WordPress Security Plugin

It gives you malware protection, file integrity monitoring, website firewall and a lot of related security features. But, the most important feature is of post-hack nature which restores your site within a few hours to the normal p[osition as it was.

It not only saves your time and money but also your reputation and visitors. This plugin ha such a premium and useful features for free. It is the most recommended WordPress Security Plugins in order to be proactive instead of losing out all your data.

6. Really Simple SSL

SSL is the Secure Socket layer that creates a tunnel sort of thing between users and the server of your site. It protects the data of visitors from hackers and makes your site more secure. You may not need it the most but Google considers it one of the most important aspects while ranking in the search results.

So, let’s suppose you have an SSL Certificate already on your site with the hosting provider or domain itself. But, you are not able to activate it and make your site secure with the https. So, what you can do is use Really Simple SSL plugin called Really Simple SSL and get your SSL Certificate installed with just one click.

Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

It will make your site an https site and then users or rather visitors can freely visit your site and the browsers won’t give them a security alert which can cause your reputation to deteriorate. Many times we get an SSL Certificate from the hosting company but we are not aware of it. So, this plugin will find it for you and make it work.

This plugin does not give you any type of security but it is one of the WordPress Security Plugins because it makes your site secure by making it an htt[ps site. But to activate it, you need an SSL Certificate first then only it works.

7. Hide my WP 

Let’s suppose someone wants to hack your website, what he would do now? It is said that most of the websites are hacked from the admin’s fault. It might happen due to some sort of mistake but why wait for that mistake to happen? Here is a solution to your problem.

What do you do to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress website? You add wp-admin to your URL and log in to the Dashboard from where you control your site. And, this is known to everyone that WordPress sites can be logged in using wp-admin.

So, to avoid this vulnerability, you can change the login URL of your website. And, to do that you can use this plugin from where you can change the URL of your login page. You can add any word of your choice that will let you reach the login page of your WordPress site.

Hide my WP WordPress Security Plugin

There is a lite version too but does the same job. So, why not use these WordPress Security Plugins and make your site more secure by just changing the URL for the login page.

With this WordPress Security Plugin, you will make your website more secure with the custom login URL. others won’t be aware of your login page until and unless you share it with them.

8. Google Authenticator

You must be aware of two-factor authentication but do you know that you can use it on your website too. Two Factor Authentication is something that gives you added security and you can get it on your website with the Google Authenticator.

You can simply install the app on your smartphone and use this WordPress Security Plugin on your website. This makes your site more secure than a strong password. There are plenty of plugins that actually use this feature. But, if you only need two-factor authentication then why not use directly the Google Authenticator.

Let’ss suppose you lost your password and someone knows it. But when he tries to log in to your website he will be prompted to give a two-factor authentication. A short term code will be transferred to the email or app using the Google Authenticator which will be at your disposal only. This way you can be tension-free of your site getting hacked.

It is one of the most recommended WordPress Security Plugins doing a simple job but adding a whole new layer of security. And, it’s not about your site only but you should get it activated almost everywhere you get the feature.

You can use the app, email or push notification to get the login code for your site.

9. Shield Security 

Shield Security is one of the highest-rated WordPress Security Plugins by the users. This tells how useful this plugin is. It focuses a lot on automation and that’s one of the advantages of the plugin.

The problem with most of the WordPress Security Plugins is that they end up sending you tonnes of emails every day. But, this plugin does send you emails only when you need to take action.

Everything is done automatically without letting you know and secretly keeps your site secure. It’s a free and safe plugin that gives you premium quality features for free. It’s beautiful and easy to set up instantly.

Shield Security Plugin

There are features like two-factor authentication, blocking controls, firewalls, captcha, updated controls, etc. This plugin does not disappoint you with your expectations. So, why not install such a useful plugin and get the premium features while making your site more secure.

What is the Best Security Plugin for WordPress?

We just mentioned a lot of WordPress Security Plugins that you can install but which is the best security plugin for WordPress?

All the WordPress Security Plugins do the almost similar task so there is the obvious question of finding the best security plugin for WordPress. We never said that you should install every plugin because they are ultimately going to confuse your site.

If you take a look at the list, there are 9 plugins listed there and we are not listing them in the order they are. They all are very similar and there are a few differences too. So, you can choose any of these WordPress Security Plugins. The plugins that we recommend as must are:


Really Simple SSL

Sucuri Security

Google Authenticator

Then rest of the WordPress Security Plugins are as good as these but they do the same job as these. So, why install multiple plugins for doing one and the only task. Really Simple SSL  makes your site secure and SEO friendly. So, you obviously have the benefit. Google authenticator lets you use Two Factor Authentication. Sucuri Security helps you restore your site back to normal if it gets hacked. Then the Jetpack is all in one solution for all the other security issues.

So, now you have the answer to your question and you can install these plugins considered as the Best Security Plugins for WordPress.

Are WordPress Security Plugins Secure?

One more question arises of are these plugins secure in themselves? These plugins claim to give you added security but what if these plugins are using your data themselves?

Yes, its possible that these plugins are not secure but all these WordPress Security Plugins are from reputed brands, So you can be assured of their security. You can imagine such a reputed brand will never try to tamper the client’s data. So, you can rely on these plugins and freely use them.

Wordpress Security Plugins

But, there is always a chance that these plugins might be storing your data somewhere and if those servers get hacked. Technically, it’s possible but we have to consider some sort of trust factor here. The whole world relies on some sort of trust. We would recommend you to keep your timely backup with yourself so that if anything goes wrong you can restore your data by yourself.

One plugin that we would recommend is All in One WP Migration which lets you migrate your website from one hosting to another or one platform to another. But you can also create a backup file on your computer and then upload it when you need to.

How to Make your WordPress Site more Secure?

If you install these WordPress Security Plugins you will make your WordPress Site more secure but you should also take care of a few things mentioned below:

Secure Hosting

Hosting is the server where your site is hosted and imagine if your hosting itself is not secure. Do not use cheap hosting services from unknown sources. Use proper hosting plans from well-known companies like Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground, Godaddy, A2 Hosting, etc. We recommend you to buy a decent plan even if you buy for a less period.

Secure Hosting

Strong Passwords

Most of the problems come from the admin’s side. So, it is always advised to use strong passwords and does not share them with anyone. You should not even save your password on Browser. Most of the people tend to use the same password across different sites. And, if someone gets to know your site, you may lose all your sites. You should also keep changing your passwords from time to time.

Premium Themes and Plugins

Some people try to use premium plugins and themes for free. And, all they do is use cracked themes and plugins. You are doing nothing but risking your site. You should not use any sort of cracked theme or plugin to prevent your site from any type of attacks. Instead, you can use the free version of these plugins and themes.

No Malicious Backlinks

Backlinks are very helpful to rank in the search results. But, what people do is a link to any site in order to get links from that site. And, you forget to check the site you are linking or getting a link from. You should not link to any malicious site because this will definitely lead your site into trouble.


So, this is what WordPress is and how WordPress Security Plugins work. All in all, WordPress is a free and open-source platform which can be used by anyone. So, you can create a website for free using the WordPress software despite considering the cost of domain and hosting.

But, since the WordPress is free and open-source everyone has access to its code. So, it becomes easy for hackers to understand the loopholes in the sites that are built using the software.

And, to be prepared for future attacks, you need to be aware and use a few plugins that can make you secure. You can use a few of the above-mentioned Security Plugins that can make your site safe and secure. You are not going to be completely safe if you are using these plugins but you are going to be in a better position than now.

It is said that more than 30000 websites get hacked every day and if you don’t want to be the next victim of these attackers then you should be prepared in advance. So, get these plugins installed and make your site secure.

What are the WordPress Security Plugins that you are using now?

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