Two Mistakes That’ll Kill Your SEO RANKING

Two Mistakes That’ll Kill Your SEO RANKING[SEO][SEO]

[seo]What techniques can truly hurt your SEO rankings? There is so much information out there I just wanted to go over a couple of items so that you won’t fall prey to any sharks. Many so-called experts will sell on the premise that they are the true experts and you are the uninformed, but in writing this article I want you to be as informed as possible so that the next time the phone rings or a sales person come walking through your doors selling SEO services and promising you the first page of Google. You can feel a bit more educated to be able to ask the right questions and not just believe every word they speak. SEO services usually have a high price tag. It takes time to get it right even though most services will have you believe they can get your rankings up in a day.

First understand that updating a listing on the internet isn’t going to be instantaneous, it takes time to populate through directory listings and search engines. Building trust within the search engines by updating content regularly, having quality backlinks, optimize your pages for the best keywords within your niche is what can boost your SEO rankings. What can hurt your ranking very quickly? Buying links: While there are hundreds of sites and services that will try to convince you that buying links is the fastest and greatest way to build your SEO. The questions you need to ask are: What sites will be linking back to my site? Will they be related to your industry? Will they be reputable? Most of the time sales people don’t even know the answer to most of your questions and you’ll find them stumbling around for the right answer or to at least sound somewhat educated. While getting links back to your site to generate a great SEO score can sound amazing and we know that Google likes that. This is where caution comes in… If Google believes that you are having irrelevant links linking back to your site because of buying links, they can and most of the time will de-index your site from its search results.

Translation: It’s not good business practice. Your company’s website is taking a chance that it won’t appear in any of the search results. So the best advice I can give is to NOT pay for and don’t participate in networks that sell links or promise to distribute your content to different sites. Another big problem is: Unrelated content: We know that updating your content is critical for indexing your site but publishing unrelated content can work in the exact opposite. You want your site to be seen by the search engines as credible within your market niche. Google values the user experience and if you’re providing that to your customers, Google sees that and rewards your site for it. When writing content for your business site, keep the needs of your customers as much as your business goals in mind. Remembering that you’re creating content for your readers and customers, it should be relevant and informative. The days are long gone when you could populate an article with keywords while not making much sense at all to your customers believing all along that the article will rank well because it is keyword rich. Your content now has to be relevant to within your niche and Google is watching this very closely. Writing your content with your readers in mind, keeping it informative and entertaining is just a small portion of advice to keep your SEO ranking growing for your company and its website.

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