Tips On Writing Successful Online Courses

January 13, 2020
Tips On Writing Successful Online Courses

Before I became an online Course Creator, I was a corporate pencil pusher just looking forward to when the clock strikes 5 PM, then I can clock out. Day in day out my life was in a constant cycle of waking up, commuting, clocking in, spreadsheets, clocking out, commuting, sleeping. I was not a free man with Online Courses paying the bills. Years ago, I did not have online courses so popular people are looking for free Udemy Coupons to get a discount.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t even have the energy to go and hang out with some friends. I was just exhausted, physically and mentally. Do you know the feeling of Monday? That was me every day. I could feel my life wasting away for every day that I come into the office.

My work was not fulfilling and it was sucking the happiness out of my life. It was like the company is a big vacuum that just drains the vitality out of your body. I wish I could say that once I’m out of my cubicle and on the pavement, the colour seeps back into my world but it didn’t. Even when I’m outside of the office, I was still a slave to the big man.

There were deadlines, reports, meetings, and projects that I have to do and meet. Most importantly, there were expectations that I had to reach else I get laid off like with what happened to some of those on my floor.

Why don’t I enjoy life on the weekend, you say? Well, I didn’t really have a choice there. I would either be too tired from the weekly grind and have no energy to get out of bed or I have a lot of pending work. I can’t tell you just how many weekends I’ve spent inside a coffee shop hurriedly typing in reports while my boss constantly messages me with more workload.

As you can see, I was miserable. And yet I couldn’t resign. My bank account is as dry as the Sahara desert. I didn’t have my own place and I was just renting. My car is on a lease and I still had a long way to go before I finish up my payments. I also have to send money to my parents.

Why don’t I just resign and look for a new job, you ask? There’s really not much companies out there that would hire washed up 30-year-olds anymore. Fresh graduates are more hireable and understandably so. They have more vitality and their labour is cheaper.

I was slowly starting to accept the fact that I would be stuck in this job until I retire when I came upon selling courses online. Of course, I didn’t immediately resign from my job to focus full time with creating online courses. That would be foolish. I stuck with my job for one more year while selling Courses Online on the sideline. The difference this time was that I had hope. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, I want to share some tips on how to write online courses. If you were like me who want to have a drastic change in your life, then being an Online Course Creator can be the way to go. Without further ado, here are some tips that I hope you find helpful when creating and selling your online course.

Choose The Perfect Topic For Online Courses

Choose The Perfect Topic For Online Courses

Perhaps one of the hardest and easiest tasks there is. Choosing the perfect topic for me was so hard. I mulled over it for a week. Was there even something that I was so good at that I can be considered an expert?

There are a lot of factors that I had to consider when choosing the topic of my first ever online course. There was huge pressure for this to be successful or else my light at the end of the tunnel gets snuffed out.

The first thing that I realized is that it would be best if I started with a beginner’s course. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to teaching so choose a beginner’s course that you are confident with.

Next thing my topic had to be is if I know enough about the topic to teach it. Of course, even if you are considered an expert on it, it wouldn’t hurt for you to spend a few hours just to review some course materials to ensure that your facts are all correct.

The topic you choose should also be a topic that many are interested in. It would be a waste of your time and resources to create an Online where only a few people would buy. Think also of the finished product and ask yourself, would you personally buy this course?

Lastly, I was already stuck in a job that I don’t enjoy so the topic I choose should be something that I would be able to enjoy. If I chose a topic that I find too tedious then what would be the difference between Online Course Creation and my previous job?

Decide Where To Upload Your Online Courses

This is a decision that you have to make on your own. Do some research on which Online Learning Platforms will give you the best support. For me, I chose Udemy as they provide a decent amount for financial compensation while also being beginner-friendly.

As someone who was just dipping his foot on Online courses, I appreciated how user-friendly the interface of Udemy. Udemy also had a lot of helpful resource materials that I reviewed which aided me in my venture to be a Successful Online Course Creator.

Use All Available Tools In Your Arsenal

Working in an Advertising agency, I had access to a lot of tools that helped me create my Online course. My advice here is to use all the available tools in your arsenal. There are free and paid software available in the market that you can learn how to use.

When you create your online course, you should make sure that it doesn’t look bland. Make it more interesting than an actual class to ensure that you get a lot of students. Learning about topics you don’t find interesting can be boring but, and this may be the former Advertising agency employee speaking, with the proper editing and graphics, you can make it fun and compelling.

Be prepared to invest some money into your Online course. For example, you need to buy the license for the editing software that you would be using. This is a professional setting so you need to be using legitimately legal tools. A pirated version will most likely also have glitches and errors which could hinder the learning experience of your students.

Advertise Your Course Properly

Advertise Your Course Properly

Thankfully, while I was working in the Advertising industry, I learned a thing or two about how to advertise a product or a service. First thing you have to do is to write a great introduction. When interested students chance upon your article, the first thing that they would see is your introduction. You need to convince users that not only will it be an informative course (because you’re an expert) but that it would also be an effective and fun way to learn.

You can also try out advertising on Social Media websites. Social Media Marketing is a new way of promoting products and/or services. Since social media websites have billions of active users, this has become an effective way of connecting with your potential leads directly to their inbox.

Be Patient

As I mentioned before, it took me a year of hard work and patience before I finally resigned from my day job and become a fulltime Online Course Creator. You would encounter a lot of bumps in the road and you would need all the patience that you can muster.

When you set your mind into becoming an Online Course Creator, you need to learn how to adapt to the market changes. Don’t give up easily. From personal experience, for every win that I got, I experienced three downfalls.

I would be lying if I said that I did not face any hardships on my way to learning how to create online courses. Even until now, years after I published my first Online Course, there are still some new aspects that I am learning.

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