Avoid Link Building for Website Rank in Search Engine

January 3, 2020
Why You Should Avoid Link Building for Website Ranking?

Search engines have focused their attention completely on link building over the years. It played a vital role in rankings in olden days. Even though the links are still helpful in rankings, the point is that you shouldn’t spend most of your effort and time on link building.

If not on link building, rather than on what? Actually, you should focus more on user experience these days. In fact, Google focuses more on user experience and it affects more on rankings than anything else. So, read on to know why link building is not the future of SEO.

Google Has Become More User-Centric than Ever

As you know, Google makes most of its revenue from ads. If users see results that are not relevant to their searches, they would definitely stop using Google. Aren’t they?

If Google wants to lead the search game constantly, it should provide the best results to the users. It doesn’t come down to on-page optimization or links. It is up to the user experience. Of course, having optimized site and links ensure that the search engines are capable to crawl on your site. But Google rather prefers to rank a web page that is relevant to the search query which contains the only relevant link, instead of having hundreds of links.

Here are the factors affecting the relevance of search results according to Google

factors affecting the relevance of search results

●  Bounce Rate – If users are constantly going back to the search listings from your website, there are chances that they couldn’t find what they want, especially when they hit another listing once they click the back button. Google basically wants to gives its users the best results possible. So, one doesn’t have to go through listings again and again to get the best results.

●  Click through rate – It involves how many people have seen the listing and clicked through to your site. Suppose if a lot of users searching for specific keywords and clicking on the second link rather than the first, the second listing seems to be more relevant to Google.

Time spent on site – After conducting a search, users are more likely to choose a link on a listing. Suppose a specific percentage of those people will go back, Google will analyze how much time a user spent the time before they clicked the back button. If users spent just 3 seconds, Google will find that they are not getting landed on the relevant site as compared to the webpage in which users spent five minutes before hitting back.

All in all, the key here is to provide the best user experience. The sites which succeed in doing this will win in the long run. Hence, sites with quality media, content, etc. can rank better than others in the long run.

In addition, sites are needed to keep their users first when it comes to generating the highest backlinks and social shares organically. They are focused on offering the best user experience instead of manual link building.

So, what you should do in the end?

what you should do?

We never recommend you avoid SEO for your website. It is very vital to optimize your website for search engines and build links whenever you have time. You should also build a presence on social media channels. These are the activities you should focus on constantly.

But you also need to focus on more things. First off, you should focus more on providing top quality service or products as users want exactly the same. If you are not building anything, you should focus more on quality content.

Your content should be so great that people would like to read it, share it, bookmark it, and even recommend it to their friends. Your content must be so helpful and detailed that no one can imitate you as it should take too much energy and time. Along with it, you can also register yourself at Google Webmaster Tools and analyze your click-through rates. You can click “Search Traffic” to get this information in the navigation bar and click “search analysis”.


SEO is not that difficult as it seems. Of course, Google has a lot of algorithms to work on it. But your goals should be aligned with what Google wants. All it desires is to provide the best experience to the users. If you are capable to provide the best service or product and even create the helpful content, your website will automatically rank higher. At the same time, Google would notice the same and you can reach your goals effortlessly. It is not about getting results in one go. It takes time to get better.

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