How to Become Successful in Dropshipping

How to Become Successful in Dropshipping

For those looking for an entrance into the world of eCommerce, dropshipping is a great place to start. The idea behind dropshipping is to selling a product that is purchased and shipped directly from the wholesaler, passing on saving to the buyer by eliminating the price hikes that big business place on their inventory. In turn the drop- shipper offering the products collect a profit. Dropshipping is a great way to earn some money working from home, and you get to offer great discounts on a wide array of products. In order to be successful, there are a few tips all new dropshippers need to follow. – Find Multiple Product Sources All dropshippers need to cultivate a source for products, and it’s always good to have multiple wholesale sources at your disposal. In some instances, one wholesaler might drop a popular item, change their price plans or go out of business altogether.

If you only have one wholesaler, that downtime could be detrimental to your business. By spreading your product sources, it eliminates that risk. – Focus on Profits All new dropshippers in dropshipping need to remember that the name of the game is profit. It’s important to start out with small orders while you get comfortable with the process. Putting too much on your plate too early could spell doom for your profit margin. Once you feel at ease with the business, then you can start to offer more products and handle bigger orders. – Choose Legitimate Wholesalers When you’re picking out good wholesalers, there are a couple things to look out for. Beware of wholesalers that charge you to access their product lines. Legitimate wholesalers will never charge you to do business with them, and ones that do should be avoided. It’s also important to do a few test orders before offering their products.

You want to make sure the products are good quality and shipped properly in dropshipping. Weeding these wholesalers out will cut down on future problems with customers. – Provide Customer Service In dropshipping customer service is absolutely crucial. You want to be as transparent as possible. Following up with customers via email to check if the package was delivered on time and if the product quality was up to par. It goes a long way to let your customers know that you are there for them should anything go wrong with an order. In most cases, shipping from wholesalers means slightly longer delivery times. Making this clear to customers beforehand is necessary. – Be Honest In dropshipping, like in any other business, honesty is the best policy. Many dropshippers advise hiding that fact from customers through tactics like blind shipping (shipping without any return address) and private label shipping (having merchandise shipped from the wholesaler with a return address customized to a retailer) to avoid any stigma. The process of dropshipping leaves a lot of opportunity for scams, and lying to your customers will not help one bit. Take the time to explain the process step by step and offer your time to answer any questions they might have.


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