How To Find Good Affiliate Programs

How To Find Good Affiliate Programs

First let me cover what you should look for in an affiliate program. E-Books The first resource you can use is e-books. Just go to Google and type in Free E-Books (your Niche). You will be amazed at what you will find. You can then review the book. If you like what you read and feel this is a product or service you would like to promote then you can see if they have affiliate programs. Most will have a link to their website so you can check it out.

Website for affiliate programs
affiliate programs

Some will have links on their website for affiliate programs. If not just type in the program in Google followed by Affiliate Program. Some may also be brandable e-books that once you join you will access to these e-books and able to band them with your own affiliate links. Articles Another great resource is article submission sites. You can then search for articles in your niche and read these articles. People submit articles to promote their affiliate programs or products.ClickBank is a good resource for finding programs to promote. Here are the advantages As great as ClickBank sounds there are some drawbacks. PayDotCom PayDotCpm is an affiliate network owned by Mike Filsaime it is similar to ClickBank as far as both focus on digital products.

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs

There are some disadvantages Commission Junction affiliate program Unlike ClickBank and PayDotCom Commission Junction is a marketplace with thousands of different merchants who have their own affiliate program.Commission Junction attracts a lot of well known advertisers that your visitors may already be familiar with making it easier to make a sale. There is a downside. This program is for people who have a website to promote from. You have to fill out an application and may not be accepted. Even if you are accepted into Commission Junction it does not mean that you will be accepted by the affiliate program you may apply with. I believe I have given you some good resources for finding the affiliate programs that you can promote from your website or blog.

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