Departments and Tasks Your Business Must Automate

December 24, 2019
Business Automation

A successful business owner is one that uses all the tools available at his disposal. When it comes to business management, it is not a secret that technology is your friend. Since the Industrial Revolution, businesses have used technology to improve their business operations and provide better services.

Automation, even the smallest advancement, could help boost your sales and cut your operating costs in half. The time needed to complete all of your business processes could also be sped up which is one efficient feature that could help with your business’ growth and advancement.

In a company, it can’t be helped that tasks become routine and repetitive especially when you work in a corporate setting. Logistics alone could force your employees to spend over half of their day just on menial tasks way below their pay grade. This not only wastes their time but decreases their productivity due to these tasks being mentally taxing.

Thankfully, automated software has been invented for companies to improve their office operations. The amount of manpower needed to operate your company will also be reduced which is good as you do not have to hire many employees nor do you have to get an unnecessarily big office.

Companies that use business automation are usually those that make it through the year with minimal problems. This is because many of the automated software available on the market are also equipped to identify the problematic aspects of a company and provides tips on how to fix them.

Here are some of the departments in your company that you can improve using business automation. This is guaranteed to help you gain an edge against your competition. Your business processes and operations will also run smoother than ever.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Perhaps one of the most popular and most widely used examples of automated software is in the industry of customer support. Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence is integrated into the company website to act as customer support, answering questions of the online visitors of the website.

Having an automated chatbot instead of an actual human staff acting as customer support is handy as it saves the company both time and money. Aside from this, chatbots can provide instant, real-time solutions without the company having to increase their operating costs. Chatbots are also less prone to error seeing that it already has a list of things to answer given any situation.

Contract Management

Contracts are very much important to your company. These must be handled with importance especially when you are just starting out. This is because contracts are legally-binding documents that provide companies with the assurance that whatever business deal they make will be followed to the dot. This will also improve your contract obligations compliance which will reduce the chances of you getting sued for a breach of contract.

A Contract management software will identify any inefficient processes in your current contract management process thereby reducing the chances of your company being delayed by redundant steps. It also has handy features such as a full visual of your contract performance, real-time reminders, and a workflow template library.


Keeping track of all your company’s cash flows can understandably be difficult, if not altogether almost impossible to do especially when your company deals with dozens of cash flows in a day. However, accounting is one department that you should not take care of. This is because a problematic accounting department could potentially cause your company to fail.

With accounting software on deck, you can definitely identify whether you are losing too much money or are spending way too much on one department.

Accounting software will also lessen the chances of you putting in the wrong amounts which could lead to incorrect auditing.


Filing is one of the most essential yet repetitive tasks inside the office. It is important that files be backed up in the event that an emergency happens to the original files. For example, should an unfortunate happening (ie. a fire or flood) occur, it would be disastrous for the company’s accounts and business operations not to have a backup. Important files, such as contracts and receipts, can automatically be backed up using the cloud. 

Google Drive or Dropbox can be programmed to do a regular automated backup daily, weekly, or monthly. This would mean that no employee of yours will have to spend more than half a day just copying or uploading files to an external hard drive.


Sending out an invoice to your clients is a task that you need to regularly fulfil. However, this can take up a lot of your employees’ time. Unfortunately, the job is menial at best and requires very little skill. Instead of giving the burden of invoicing to an employee, you should just integrate software that can do the same task for very little effort. This will also send out email reminders to clients who do not pay on time. This way, no one would have to write polite emails to problematic clients.

Setting Up Meetings

Setting Up Meetings

This may seem like quite a basic task in the office but any team leader knows just how big of a problem setting up meetings can be. For example, the schedule of everyone on your team is not exactly the same as each other. This means that finding a common time for a meeting could prove to be an arduous task requiring the exchange of dozens of emails. With software, you can just easily share your personal calendars and quickly identify when you have a common free time with the others.


Missing out on sending out your employee’s paycheck even just a few times a year could prove to be the reason why many of your employees decide to move to a different company. A Payroll software app will automate your payroll so that your HR department does not have to overwork themselves twice a month. Your HR department can then focus on more important tasks. 

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