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20+ Best Blogging Tools 2019 List

Blogging Tools For 2019

Blogging Tools 2019

The list of Blogging Tools 2019 is here.-Blogging can be considered as one of the most powerful marketing methods available out there for people to try out. When you are engaged with blogging, there are few tools, which you need to use in order to make your life easy. They will help you to get impressive results out of blogging as well.

We will be discussing 20+ Blogging Tools 2019, which every blogger needs to get his hands on. Here is a list on the first set of blogging tools out of them.

Blog writers-First let’s take a look at the blog writing tools available out there. They are the most important among 20+ Blogging Tools 2019.

 Blogging Tools 2019

Hemingway Editor – Hemingway Editor can be considered as an excellent desktop writing tool. You will be able to enhance your writing with the help of it. While you write, it can provide you with instant feedback on the word count and the readability level.

• Desk – You will be able to overcome all sorts of distractions that you will come across when writing the blogs with the assistance of this tool.

Open Live Writer – Open Live Writer is a tool, which you can use in order to publish blogs that you write directly into the blog.

Blogo – Blogo can also be considered as publishing tool, which is compatible with WordPress.

Evernote – If you want to take quick notes in multiple devices, including your laptop and mobile phone, Evernote is the best tool available to go ahead with.

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Idea generation tools-As the next part of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019, let’s take a look at the idea generation applications available for you to consider.

BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo must get into the list of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019 as it helps bloggers to discover the most shared and most engaging content to take their blogging efforts to the next level.

Ahrefs Content Explorer – This tool is pretty much similar to BuzzSumo. However, it provides you with a lot more additional data.

Quora – When you do a simple research on Quora, you will be able to find plenty of ideas to go ahead and write your content. This has helped it to get into the list of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019.

• Blog topic generator – You can simply enter the keyword that you have in your mind to blog topic generator. Then it will provide you with content ideas to go forward with.

Google trends – If you are looking for the most trending topics out there to write blog posts, you can seek the assistance of Google Trends.

 Blogging Tools 2019


Tools To Determine Blog Post Title

The title of the blog posts should be attractive and eye-catching. These tools out of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019 will be able to help you with that.

• FMV Tool – This tool has got the ability to determine the emotional marketing value of the blog posts that you write. If you notice that the emotional marketing value is high, you have successfully selected a better topic for the blog.

• Headline Analyzer – This is the most impressive tool to determine the titles of the blog posts, out of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019. Even if you are a person who doesn’t know anything about blogging, you will be able to use this tool and figure out the best blog post title ideas.

• Potent C idea generator – This is a title generating tool as well as a content idea generation tool. If you are looking for such a versatile product, you can go ahead with it.

• TweakBiz title generation – This is a comprehensive title generation tool, which is offered by TweakBiz. Due to the reputation that they have in the industry, you don’t need to think twice before you get it.

• UpWorthy Title Generator – To locate the viral topics for content, you can use this. Hence, it should also come into the list of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019.

Proof-reading tools
You need to make sure that the blog posts that you upload are free from errors. That’s the reason why you need to consider about these proof-reading tools, while you take a look at 20+ Blogging Tools 2019.

Grammarly – Grammarly is the most popular proof-reading tool available for the bloggers to use. It can act like a great companion by providing you with appropriate suggestions to be done in your content.

 Blogging Tools 2019

• Pro Writing Aid – This is another popular tool that you will be able to use in order to check spelling and grammar in your content. Therefore, it should also come into the list of 20+ Blogging Tools 2019.

Hemmingway App – 20+ Blogging Tools 2019 must contain Hemingway app as well because it can help you to increase the readability of your content.

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