Blog Submission Sites List To Boost Your Traffic [Updated 2020]

December 7, 2019
Blog Submission Sites List

Are you looking for Blog Submission Sites List To Rank On Google First? I think you are in the right place. Because in this article I am going to share High DA and PA blog submission site list to make a backlink for your website. Before focusing on my main point I would like to tell you something about me. Because I want to make you understand that, ranking on Google is not a tough job.

However, after publishing my JSC Result I admitted to an institute to learn SEO. I could learn what is SEO and how does it work. I also learn some backlink strategies. After that, I build a website and publishing article. As well as I was doing the backlink. But after 3 months my article was not ranked.

I was upset. It is well to say you, I did not do any blog posting. I contracted with one of my relatives who is an expert in SEO. He advised me to collect the blog submission sites list and start guest posting.

As per his advice, I started a blog posting on different blog sites. After a month I was astonished. My article was in the first position in google. By this experiment, I could learn how blog posting is effective to rank on google.

What Is Blog Submission In SEO

What Is Blog Submission In SEO

At first, I want to say, what is the blog. A blog is an online platform to publish an article. Most of the blogs have opportunities to publish an article as a guest after creating an author account. A blog has some categories, as per categories and the author publishes information. When a visitor visits this site, he can easily find his expected information.

Anyway, blog submission in SEO is a different issue. Only SEO expert looking for Blog Submission Sites List to make a backlink. Although, search engine doest does not prefer link building. They always want natural backlinking. I hope you are getting a question. That is “what is natural backlinking?”.

Natural backlink means, people willingly share your blog post. Or, use your link in their article as a reference. It implies that, if your content is good then people will automatically share your article. It can be in social media, can be in a personal blog. No need to force them to share. Or no need to publish any guest post to get a backlink. I hope you can clear about natural backlink.

Why Blog Submission Is Important?

Why Blog Submission Is Important?

Before giving your answer I want to give you some examples. Let us consider, you are general people in the world. Nobody knows you except your family members. You have an unknown brand mobile that you want to sell to someone or market. I think it will be so hard to sell this phone because it is a totally unknown brand.

But before going to sell this product, if you can make an advertisement on the TV or any media then people can easily know your brand. And, you can easily sell this. Or if any celebrities suggest this phone for people then everybody can easily trust your brand.

That means, reference, the advertisement can help to increase public trust. Furthermore, if you have a website and you can make a backlink on the different popular blog then, people, as well as Google, can trust you.

If google can trust you then google will take the decision to keep your website in its trust list. The meaning of this word, your article will be ranked soon. I hope you can understand why blog submission is important.

Process Of Blog Submission

Process of blog submission very blog to blog. A blog who accept blog post from the public they have some rules and regulation. If they have open blog posting facilities then they have a blog registration system. Most of the time you can see a “Registration” button on the website. Just try to find out this button.

Click on the button, enter the required information. And, then create an account. Sometimes, you need to verify your email by clicking on the verification link. A verification link will be given in your email. After login into your account, you will get an opportunity to publish an article.

If any site has no open blog posting option then try to find the “Write For Us” page. Read the instruction carefully and send an email to the site admin through their provided contact email.

Write For Us

Anchor Text Ratio You Must Know To Rank Your Article

Anchor text ration is the most important part of SEO. Every SEO expert follows some strategies. As well as I am going to share the technique that I used to make any backlink. If you do not follow any technique then Google may suspect you that you are doing link building.

If Your Target Is 100 Backlink then need to follow below ratio-

  • 65% Brand Name.
  • 20% Naked Link.
  •  5% Generic Anchors (Click here, Visit This Website)
  • 5% Partial Match Anchors.
  • 5% Exact Match Keyword.

Blog Submission Sites List To Rank On Google First

Blog Submission Sites List To Rank On Google First

A log blog submission sites list is given below. Check now all sites to make your backlink. After checking the spam score I made this list. So don’t worry about your backlink.

  1. DA 78
  2. DA 89
  3. DA 56
  4. DA 21
  5. DA 44
  6. DA 31
  7. DA 24
  8. DA 48
  9. DA 40
  10. DA 23
  11. DA 55
  12. DA 24
  13. DA 20
  14. DA 27
  15. DA 60
  16. DA 83
  17. DA 22
  18. DA 24
  19. DA 58
  20. DA 55
  21. DA 36
  22. DA 33
  23. DA 35
  24. DA 27
  25. DA 35
  26. DA 38
  27. DA 44
  28. DA 88
  29. DA 32
  30. DA 38

Finally, I want to say, before submitting your guest post first check its DA and Spam Score. After that, if you have any paid tools then check its monthly visitors. If you think this site is perfect to make any blog post then submit your article. In addition, after publishing my SSC Result I made the above list.

I used those sites to publish my article as well as I got many backlinks. No more today. See you in the next article. If you think this Blog Submission Sites List is very helpful for your then please share with your friend through your social media. Thanks for being here.

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