Will most back pain get better on its own?

Will most back pain get better on its own?

To answer the question whether back pain will get better on its own, it is important to understand why the pain occurs in the first place. Physiologically, our body acts like a machine with wheels and axles, and, nuts and bolts, hinged and working together to allow us to move as we normally do. The lower back of the human body is a composed of muscles, bones, ligaments that compose the joints and overall mechanical system that we use to pick up things, and move about. We use this built-in mechanical system in our body to do a myriad of physical activities. These activities can range from simple daily chores and routine, such as picking up the laundry basket, to strenuous sports training. Given this composition and purpose of our lower and upper back muscles, there are times when due to poor diet, lack of exercise or aging, its possible to sprain ligaments and rupture disks, leading to various types of back pain.

Back pain can occur because of the strain that is put on the lower back during everyday activities. Its possible to strain your lower back muscle when you suddenly bend over to pick up a piece of paper. This sharp sudden pain can be put to ease my slowly stretching and massaging the lower back. You can also end up pulling a muscle when you do your usual exercise without warming up or stretching. While simple back pains and muscle strains like this seem to go away in a matter of hours or at most within a day, most types of back pain actually need to be treated or put under therapy for proper correction and recovery.

There have been studies done on the reoccurrence of back pain when not treated. The study done by Hestbaek and company is one of the popularly cited. It asserts that a number of patients who have experienced back pain, deal with it for almost a month. And a great percentage of people of experience lower back pain for more than a month suffer reoccurrences within the next five years.
This scientific evidence that back pain will most likely not go away on its own is evidence that backs ups the rationale to have cases of lower back pain checked for proper correction and treatment.

There are also other causes of back pain that are not entirely mechanical in nature. Stress, anxiety, and other psychological imbalances can also trigger back pains. It’s said that the brain can almost program itself to refeel pain when anticipated. Other possible reasons could be associated with other functions of the body, such as kidney stones and infections. To test for these, it is best to see a professional health practitioner.

Overall, while lower and upper back pain may be regarded as non life-threatening symptoms, it is wise to not assume that it will go away on its own and leave the condition untreated. These symptoms may be signs of other ailments, or at the very least would continue to give you recurring discomfort. So to be wise, best get back pains checked right away.

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