Why recycle plastics?

Why recycle plastics?

There are many different grades and it can be confusing as to what is recyclable in your area. Plastics are the most versatile of any recyclable product. They can be broken down into many different raw materials that many companies need. They also make up the majority of products on the market. By recycling plastics, you are allowing yourself to help the environment and following the EPA guidelines of Reduce, Recycles, Reuse, and Recover.

Over 80% of Americans have easy access to a recycling program in their area. Many cities and communities are starting recycling pick up programs that run with the trash pickup weekly. These programs allow people who may not be able to get out to a recycling facility help the environment by recycling.
Plastics should be recycled check your plastics to make sure that the local recycling centers near you can accept and recycle the specific grade of plastic that you have. The EPA guidelines of Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Recover are strictly followed by plastic manufacturers. By recycling plastics, we can do more with less. This allows us to reduce the emissions and carbon footprint left behind. By reducing these emissions, we are able to reduce pollution in our air making it healthier for our families to breathe as well as saving the Ozone layer.

Plastics are used to manufacture at least some part of a product or packaging on most consumer products out on the market today. This compounds to account for at least 12% of all municipal solid waste in 2008. If we recycle and reuse this plastic instead of just throwing it away, we are able to give back resources and raw materials to companies to reuse and utilize again. This is a much more renewable way to continue than creating new products and throwing the old away constantly.

By reducing the amount of plastics being thrown away, we are able to reduce the amount of landfill space needed. Landfills are an eyesore and a detriment to the environment. Most of the products in landfills do not degrade and just pollute the environment around the landfill. If we are able to reduce the amount of land needed for landfills and recycle the products and packaging that we buy then we will be able to have a positive impact on our environment and help sustain the world for our children and grandchildren.

It is important to recycle plastic waste. There are many more benefits to taking the extra step to put it with the recycling instead of throwing it away. By recycling plastics, you are able to have a positive impact on our environment not only the land, but the air and Ozone as well. Think before throwing things away while that is the habit most Americans are in it is time to change the habit and start thinking about leaving this world a better place for our children and grandchildren. If we start now we will not be leaving them with a decaying world.

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