What’s a Cure for Loneliness

What’s a Cure for Loneliness

The most misconceived thought people get is that, having thousand of friends on Facebook will have me entertained and chances that I will be lonely is not possible. Social media has been an escape from reality for most but it’s just a way of keeping entertained. Many don’t realize that it is possible for one to be in the company of thousands and still feel lonely. Yes, I know it sounds out of this world, how is it possible to be in the company of others and still feel lonely? Well, take this scenario, you’re in the company of all of your childhood friends at a gathering sharing stories of your past but all of them are at a better place in life than you. Be it career wise and that kind of thing you will tend to drift away from them because you feel like you have failed. You will be in the best company ever but the difference in prosperity could cause you to isolate yourself. This is just one example, the circumstances could range from psychological problems to childhood ones.

Is there a cure for loneliness? First, let us put it on record that there is the type of loneliness one feels and gets him/herself out of in the least amount of time possible and is not a regular occurrence. Then there is that server type where medical attention is sort. But to answer the question the cure for loneliness is there. Before you let things get out of hand nipping the early signs of loneliness in the bud could be simple and cheaper than sweeping things under the rug hoping to solve them later. Realizing that you are lonely is the first step to a cure. Many go through the starting stages of loneliness not knowing they are lonely. Then it goes on and on and before they realize it, it gets out of hand and is need of medical attention. Having the knowledge that you are suffering is great, now from there talking about the cause of why you are feeling lonely is the next step. It could be to a close friend, a therapist someone who will listen to you without judging you and saying how wrong you are. It should be taken that you are the one going through this lonesome period and it is not wrong to feel what you feel. The best person to talk to is someone who has no affiliation to whatever is happening to you. Someone who will listen to you without bias is the best cure one could get.

The one cure that should be at the top of anyone who is suffering from loneliness is to involve yourself in an activity, basketball, bingo, anything to take your mind off what seems to be occupying most of your time. A break is as good as a rest; trying some new activity is the best way to take your mind off of things. Like cancer, the earlier you get it the better your chances are for recovery. With loneliness the earlier you realize it the better chance you have of not letting get out of hand.

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