What kind of supplies does a newborn baby need?

What kind of supplies does a newborn baby need?

For being so tiny, newborn babies require a lot. So, let us break it down and discuss what they need for each room in the house.
The Bathroom:

According to WebMD, Newborns need a bath two or three times a week, says the American Medication Association. The AMA recommends sponge baths only for baby’s first two weeks, until the umbilical cord falls off. Bathing items that topped the list of moms and the experts include: Baby tub or small plastic basin, Washcloths or bath mitts, Soft towels (hooded baby towels work well), Baby shampoo, and baby soap.
So, you needed shampoo, body soap, and a tub for the baby. You may also want to include baby toys to keep the baby occupied in the shower.

Going Out:
Along with a safe car seat and a great crib, two baby care basics are diapers and a diaper bag. The question is, what kind, and how many? Diapers: New parents are pretty evenly divided: Some prefer the lower-cost of cloth diapers, while others enjoy the convenience of disposables. Whichever you pick, you’ll need about 10 to 12 diapers daily.10-12 diapers a day, so you need to be buying boxes of diapers (or have frequent trips to the store).

You also need something to keep all these diapers in: Diaper Bag: Here you should think small, say moms in the know. Because your hands will be busy with a baby, less is more in the diaper bag department, with some moms raving about sleek, backpack-style bags.You also need to have basics in the diaper bag.Diaper Bag Basics: A well-stocked diaper bag holds more than just diapers, says Atlanta pediatrician Jennifer Shu, MD. Think a small camera for sweet moments, snacks for mom, and sun protection, too. Shu, co-author of Heading Home With Your Newborn, also recommends: Baby wipes, Diaper changing pad or towels, Plastic grocery bags for messy diapers, Baby pain reliever, like acetaminophen, Baby food, Extra change of baby clothes, and Diaper cream.

You also need: a digital rectal thermometer, diaper rash cream, nasal bulb, fever reducers, saline nose drops, KY Jelly or Vaseline, baby lotion, baby wash, baby ointment, safety manicure scissors, and small bandages. There are two items you do not want in your medicine cabinet.Two items you donĂ­t want in your newborn’s medicine cabinet include products containing aspirin, and cough or cold medicine.

For the Kitchen:
You need,12 bottles and nipples, 1 brush for cleaning bottles and nipples, 12 burp clothes and bibs (some parents use receiving blankets), Plastic covers for bottles (great for traveling), Comfortable clothes if you’re breastfeeding, and a Breast pump.

For the Nursery:
pediatricians and new parents on WebMD suggest: Crib (with slats no more than 2-3/8 inches apart), a tight-fitting, firm mattress, Well-fitting sheets, and Light blankets only (to minimize tangling and other risks).You may want a soft light in the room too to help you see your way through the nursery. It can be a dim light to not disturb the baby.

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