What is the Proper Way to Discipline a Child?

Whether you’re a first time parent or a parent who needs a bit of advice on disciplining you should know that it is a very debatable topic. Everyone wonders when you should discipline, how you should do it, and even when. While it is ok to want to know more on the methods of discipline so that your child learns from their mistakes, too much research could leave you more confused than when you started out. There is no proper way essentially to discipline your child, however, there are things you should never do as it could be considered abuse. Below are a few tips on how to discipline your child without using physical force or harsh words.

Set the Rules

The first thing you must do is set age appropriate rules. If you have different aged children in your home, setting separate rules is important. You should not hold your five year old to the same standards you would hold your teen. Sit down and brainstorm some rules that you would like them to adhere to on the daily basis. Keep in mind however, that if you tried to write down everything you deem as bad behavior your children could take a while to get with the program. Try to keep the rules to no more than 10.

Set the Consequences

With every bad action there is a consequence. This is true in the real world and should be true in your home. Set consequences again based on their age. You don’t want to punish your five year old for an entire month but this might suffice for a teenager. Make sure that the consequences are clear and that they are suitable for the behavior they’ve displayed.

Hold a Meeting

No matter how old your child is, when you decide to implement new rules or changes within your household you should sit down and hold a family meeting. This gets everyone on the same page and allows for questions and answers to be had if necessary. Be sure to explain it so that all of your children comprehend.

Stay Consistent

The last piece to the puzzle of disciplining your children in a non physical or aggressive way is to stay consistent. When parents become lax in giving out consequences or enforcing the rules, children will do the same. Once a child sees that they can get over, they will try it at every chance they get. So to prevent this from happening you need to be consistent in setting the rules.

As your children get older you may need to add rules and increase the consequences. Remember, no matter how old they are do not assume they will just understand the changes. Instead talk with them about the changes, let them know what you expect, and then do your part to enforce the rules to the best of your abilities. With a set system in place you should have no problems with keeping your household in order. The last bit of advice is to never expect perfect little angels unfortunately it seems children will always try and push just a bit.

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