What is the best way to overcome racism?

What is the best way to overcome racism?

Racism, unfortunately, is not something we have overcome as a nation. It is sad to write this: but some people are still racist. So, what can you do to overcome racism? First, it is important to speak up. According to Creativespirits.info shares,Research found that speaking up is good for the bystander (lasting satisfaction of having done something), good for the victim of the racist attack (feel a sense of belonging and less damaged by the abuse) and possibly good for the offender (bystander action disproves that their prejudice is the norm and may make them less ready to express it).

Next, try to react to the incident rather than the person. Do not generalize, remember, and call someone a racist. Creativespirits.info explains,Example response to a racist email: Reply with a very short email to the effect of:I received [the thing] you forwarded to me. I think it is racist and was very offended by it. Please do not forward anything like that to me in the future.Sign off as you usually do with that person (no emotions).Note that the email is not attacking the person. Instead, the person focuses on the incident itself.

From there, you can focus on yourself. According to eHow,Ask yourself what prejudices you have against other races. No matter what race you are, you can harbor feeling about others that have no basis in reality. If you see another race as being high achievers, low achievers, more intelligent , less intelligent, nicer, meaner or more or less motivated, you’re engaging in racist thought.http://www.ehow.com/how_2252433_overcome-racism.html#ixzz2ZuVHRa1F

So, what do you do from there? Well, you can always find examples of people who defy those assumptions. This will help you fight these racist ideas,Find examples that contradict racist ideas. If you think one race is particularly lazy, do some research to find members of that race who have achieved great things. Make a list and every time you slip into a pattern of prejudice, look at your list to remind yourself that it isn’t true.

It may sound like I am stating the obvious, but try to judge people based on their actions rather than their race. Judge other people by their actions, not their skin color. Within all races, there exist those who would harm others, steal from others or try to dominate others. Instead of seeing these people as part of a group based upon race, view them as individuals with problems all their own.Keeping this in mind would help you overcome racist thoughts and stereotyping. It is hard to break habits like racism, but it can be done. You just have to be vigilant and honest with yourself. Catch yourself when you make a racist comment or joke. Be aware of other people and their backgrounds, always, because you do not know who or how you can insult with simple jokes. We all have our spots of weakness, so be careful.

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