What is safe sex?

What is safe sex?

Facts versus Opinions:

Safe sex is where you engage in sexual activity but for those involved precautions are taken in order to help prevent not only getting an sexually transmitted disease but to also prevent the chances of getting pregnant. Simply enough it just means you care for your health as well as the health of the one you love to love. This is a concept that not everyone agrees with even though they know it is true. It is talked about in school as well as in other places and it can be an awkward conversation to have but in the long run it is better to be safe than sorry. Protecting yourself from diseases is one thing and obviously the main goal of safe sex but it is also used to not get pregnant when you are not ready to have a baby.

To be able to properly practice safe sex there are a variety of things that you can do, for the most part people stick with oral sex but when that is not good enough or when something more and else is desired condoms should be worn by the male and birth control should be taken by the female. Both are highly effective in helping with stopping sexually transmitted diseases as well as not getting pregnant but neither are one hundred percent guaranteed they just help your chances, which is why it is called safe sex in the first place.

The idea behind safe sex came to light around the 1980s when there was a really bad epidemic of AIDS going around. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease and it stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome and it is the last stage of the HIV disease. HIV is known as the human immunodeficiency virus and it is a lentivirus that causes damage to the immune system, which over time causes it to fail. Since this crisis it is has been the main goal to discuss safe sex and to get more and more people to practice it. Simply because there is no cure for AIDS or HIV and it is a terrible disease for anyone to have. It causes a lot of pain and for some it can last a long time and for others it can take your life in the blink of an eye.

Whether there are cures for this diseases or not in the future people should still always practice safe sex, unless you know you are ready for a child and or you are with the one you love and you won’t ever change sexual partners again. It is also really wise and strongly suggested to get tested before you even have sex to make sure that everything is ok in the first place. This usually happens when you are going through puberty and have to go see the doctor anyways.

For females this experience can be more stressful and embarrassing than it is for men and in the end it is because the females have more to lose and or gain than the males do because the females are the ones who ca get pregnant and have to carry the baby and give birth to it, the male just has fun and gets to do whatever.

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