What is racism and how it can be avoided?

What is racism and how it can be avoided?

Racism is a common factor in our lives. It is an unfortunate aspect of our society today. According to jacksonfreepress.com, racism is defined as a system,The “ism” in the word is a clue about its real meaning: It is a system of efforts by people with power to hold another race back. If a prejudiced or bigoted person is a member of the majority race (which means white in the United States currently), they have the power to affect another full race for generations. The tricky part is that some people allow prejudice or bigotry that they may not recognize as such to prompt them to vote or act in ways that contribute to racism. Or they just do not know that a certain action has a racist outcome. Most tragically, they are not clear that lack of action to right historic wrongs can prolong or increase racism and its outcomes.

Racism can be avoided in different ways. First, you have to be conscious of your thoughts. You have to be aware of how you view others and their actions. Some people think racist thoughts without even knowing it, without even being aware of it. According to differencebetween.net, ìIt deals with the fact that people believe the traits of different people or groups of people are determined by the genetic constitution .This specific genetic constitution gives rise to a particular race or nationality or ethnicity and the belief that one certain race is in some way superior to the other. This idea or concept or belief that one race is superior to the other is the root of racism.

There are different kinds of racism, though. According to differencebetween.net,When racism is practiced, it causes some effects in the society which is called racial discrimination. The UN treats racial and ethnicity discrimination at the same level. There are many types of racial discrimination like institutional racism and economic racism. Institutional racism refers to the benefits, rights, and preferential treatment of a certain race or the denial of the same for another race. Economic racism refers to the financial benefits enjoyed by a certain race or financial benefits denied by a certain race.

Learn more about other races. Next, according to stophate.us, you also should be careful with how you approach the news.Read news articles intelligently. Understand every author has a bias. Check to see what the bias is and how the bias might have impacted on the content of the article. Try to confirm all news articles with other sources, to ensure you do not draw conclusions based on biased news stories.

Remember how destructive racism can be. Think of slavery, the Holocaust, Apartide, all the racist instances that took place. Moreover, try to be well read. You have to explore the value of each race.Prepare a small library of web sites and books which people can read about racism and about the contributions to society made by different racial and ethnic groups.

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