What features are important when choosing a digital camera?

There are several things you should consider when choosing a digital camera. First, you have to consider what the camera is for. According to a cinphotography.com, ìThe needs of somebody who is just looking for a way to take pictures at their kids birthday are going to be quite a bit different than they are for somebody who is a serious landscape photographer.î I would like to add that the needs of every photographer are also linked to their skills. If you are a total newbie like me, for instance, you might want to try a point and shoot camera.

You have to examine the weight of the camera. Is it too bulky for you? Does it have too many features that intimidate you? Most of the time, a salesperson can help you identify which cameras are within your skills range. Cinphotography.com explains, ìIt is important to think about how easy the camera is to use before you buy it. Some digital cameras have an instruction manual that is more complicated than the one for the space shuttle. If you are serious photographer you might be interested in learning all of this but if you are just looking for a camera that you can take out of the box and start taking pictures with you are going to want something that is simpler.

But, cinphotography.com mentions megapixels, too, ìThe next thing that you are going to want to pay attention to is the number of megapixels that the camera has. This is something that confuses a lot of people because the camera makers are always talking about how much better their camera is because it has more megapixels. In truth megapixels are only relevant when it comes to the size of the image that you are planning to produce, it has nothing to do with resolution. Unless you are planning to print poster size images there is no need to spend the extra money on a high megapixel camera.

So, megapixels are important to keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is the zoom effect of the camera. One of the most important things when you are choosing a digital camera is the type of zoom that it has. Basically you have two choices, optical zoom and digital zoom. These are in fact very different. An optical zoom works like the zoom on a regular camera and magnifies the image so that it appears closer. A digital zoom simply magnifies the pixels of the image that you have taken. When you zoom in with a digital zoom the image quality will deteriorate. An optical zoom will give you much better pictures.î One thing I noticed when it comes to zoom in effects is that sometimes when you zoom in the quality decreases, and perhaps the optical zoom will be of more assistance if you are going to be taking a lot of pictures up close. Again, it all depends on how you intend to use the camera.

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