What causes a common cold?

You know the signs, runny nose, itchy throat, and you’ve been tired for the last couple days, you have what is known as the common cold. Let’s take a look at some of the causes of what we all know as the common cold.

The common cold happens in cases numbering over an estimated billion people in America each year. It’s passed along from person to person by common contact with various surfaces and even through airborne droplets. The cold itself is a virus or in the scientific world, is caused by over 200 different viruses that can be transmitted to the human body. Therefore you get the common cold because someone else had it first. Next were going to take a look at the common ways people catch the common cold.
The common cold is a virus, meaning you catch the cold by having contact with someone who already has the virus. You may catch the virus straight from the individual, whether from touching bodily secretions straight from the person or a surface. The surface can be any common area such as a handrail, a doorknob, or desk even pens or pencils passed along at a workplace could result in a passing contaminant. Once an infected individual makes contact with any of these surfaces it is possible for them, through secretions, to spread the virus. It’s not only through contact or indirect contact that the virus is spread. It is through bodily secretions that the virus is spread or as aforementioned, droplets. When someone who is contaminated sneezes, coughs or even spits, this not only infects the surface in the direct vicinity of the individual who had to sneeze, but it contaminates the air in the immediate area around this individual, and the virus can be spread just as easily.

The virus is able to get into the body a number of ways, before we discussed the direct and indirect ways that the virus is spread however this doesn’t exactly explain how the virus makes it into one’s body. When someone contaminated touches a surface this doesn’t automatically mean the next person to touch the surface is going to become infected. There are other surrounding parameters that conclude the possibility or the likely hood of one catching a virus such as age as well as the status of the individual’s auto immune system. More often than not it takes the virus getting onto the individuals hand from one surface and being transported to an open bodily orifice such as the nose, eyes or even mouth. Another way for the virus to enter the body is through the lungs. The virus is passed through droplets, if someone coughs or sneezes the surrounding air becomes contaminated with the virus which can then be inhaled by a passerby. If someone ingests someone’s saliva the virus can be transferred this way as well.
Knowing where the cold comes from can prevent us all from becoming sick. If you know anyone suffering from a fever, runny nose and sore throat give them their space, try not  touch any common surfaces and make sure to wash your hands as often as possible. Luckily the average cold only lasts a week.

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