What are some good qualities you must have in hiking boots?

What are some good qualities you must have in hiking boots?

Hiking is something more than a mere hobby for many people. It is a way of life, an escape and most importantly, a method to get in touch with nature. Going in the forest is truly a great way to spend your time, especially when you are dressed for it. Believe it or not, even the safest, most watched areas, made for tourists can present risks. Many of them we meet in our daily activities – risks of slipping, falling and so on. However, in the nature there is a higher chance for that and this is why equipment, and especially boots, are very important.

So what to look for in a pair of hiking boots? Well, the first and most crucial thing, is to see what they are made of. Ideally it would be leather. Real one, but thickened so it can resists pressure. The material they are made of has to be thick, hard to pierce, yet elastic and allowing your leg to swing in the needed direction. Of course, there are other options than leather – some synthetic materials also make it a great pair of shoes. When you are buying them touch, put your hand inside and feel the material. Put some pressure on it to see how it behaves.

Next comes the sole. It should also be quite tick. Very thick, actually. Again, it must be strong but flexible and most importantly, it shouldn’t be flat. It should be spiked on the down side, because these little parts you see are what creates traction and keeps you stable on your trips. Be careful though, because sometimes the materials of these things is not of good quality and they can quickly ware out, which will greatly increase risks of slipping.

Once you have figured that out think about laces. Usually such shoes would have to be tied higher than usual. This allows your feet to move freely from below the ankle, while remaining stable by the hard material the shoes are made of. It also makes it easier to run and protects your feet better, because the shoe itself should be higher than the usual one you would be wearing. This is actually why they are called boots – because in form they resemble more a boot than a sneaker. The laces also have to be hard, long enough and from a good material. You don’t want them to tear in some root, while you are walking in the forest.
Last are the accessories. These would be things like metal shielding in the front that protects your feet from heavy objects. You can also go for a model that has fur inside, or is made from a material that is easier to breathe. Ventilation should not be underestimated, keeping in mind what happens with the feet on these long trips. However, these are just minor things. The most important thing you should be looking for is the main material of the shoe – preferably leather, but no matter what it is make sure it is strong.

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