Vision Loss and Age

Vision Loss and Age

Like everything else on your body, as you age you’re going to experience different things with your vision. If you’ve noticed minor changes in the way you see, it could be a sign that you’re getting older. While most problems are subtle and easy to manage, if you notice more severe problems than those listed below, you need to seek the advice of a medical professional. Below are some common instances that can happen with your vision as you age and things you can do to rectify it.

Things Need to Be Held Further Back to Read
This could be what is known as Presbyopia which is one of the most common problems with vision for those in their middle age years. As you age, the lens on the eye will become less flexible, the less flexible it is the harder it becomes to focus on things up close.

What to Do
If reading small print has become more complex than before the first thing you should do is make an appointment with the eye doctor. They can recommend reading glasses with or without prescription to help you see better and not strain your eyes. For those needing help seeing things near and far, bifocals may be an option. Of course for those who want to stay in the know on fashion should opt for contact lenses instead.

Words Appear Blurry
This could be what is called astigmatism. With astigmatisim it means that the shape of the eyeĆ­s cornea makes it harder to focus in on light through to the back of your eye which makes it harder to focus all around.
What to Do
Again, schedule an appointment with the eye doctor. They will prescribe a pair of glasses or contact lenses that can correct the problem for you. For a long term option patients can also undergo surgery which can completely restore the vision by reshaping the cornea.

Dry Irritated Eyes
This could be dry eye syndrome. The older you get the less your eyes will naturally produce tears. Wearing contact lenses also makes this condition worse.
What to Do
Dry eyes are a serious thing. You eyes need to stay wet so that they remain healthy. Allowing dry eyes to go on for too long could cause you to lose vision over time. You can always purchase over the counter artificial tears or eye drops which can help improve the moisture.

Constant Changing Eyesight as a Result of Uncontrolled Diabetes
This is typically a result of fluctuating blood sugar levels. When diabetes goes untreated it can affect your entire body, but especially your eyes. As time goes on and you age, having uncontrolled high blood sugar as a result of diabetes can damage the blood vessels located in your eyes. The damaged vessels will begin to leak blood which can essentially affect your vision.
As with all the other aging eye and vision impairments, seeking the help of an eye doctor is important. Maintaining proper eye health and taking preventative measures is the only way to prevent age from affecting your vision.

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