Two ways to calm a bad Temper

Two ways to calm a bad Temper

Are you someone with a really bad temper? Are you the one that is often told hey cool it when it comes to getting stressed out or having a temper tantrum? Are you the one that some people consider being almost a monster when it comes to having a bad temper and not being able to stay calm? How is it that some people are able to stay calm no matter what the situation may be, and others have a terrible bad temper when it comes to just the smallest issue? There are many different ways to react as well as different ways of perceiving a situation. Some people may feel that something is very simple while others are stressed out a lot by something seemingly insignificant. In this article we will cover a few of the ways to tame that temper.

One of the ways that you can really tame your temper and really consider what it is that you are upset about it just think before you speak. We are very often tempted to say something nasty in the heat of the moment. When taming your temper we need to think about counting to 10 and really breathing before we say something that we will regret. It is really easy to just spout off when we are angry. Taking a few minutes to really collect our thoughts and our emotions before we say anything at all to the other person can help us to normalize the situation and tamer temper. Put your anger into words when you do speak. by the time you are thinking clearly maybe after counting to 10, it is easier to express your anger verbally. If you do feel you need to assert your discomfort or your anger at a situation do so in a non confrontational way. Consider stating your concerns as clearly as possible. Also if your needs are not being met see if you can state this in a direct manner. Taming your temper also means not controlling other people. If you feel that your words may be adding a controlling feature to the things that you are saying then it may be time to reconsider if you are angry or just being controlling.

Another way to work out your temper tantrum may be used to just physically work it out. If you can get away from stressful situation that is bringing your temper up and get outside and get some exercise it can be very beneficial in a lot of ways. Physical activity is well known to reduce stress no matter what the situation is. If you are going to go for a walk it can also take you outside of the situation and give you time to cool off. The fresh air can also give you a break from anything else that is going on. Physical activities also burn off any excess energy that you may have. if you are burning off energy and the anxiety you may find that when you get back you are less angry.

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