Two tips for preventing your Craigslist ad from being flagged

Two tips for preventing your Craigslist ad from being flagged

Fraudulent articles and untrue, misleading, misleading content; bait and switch; key word spam
To be sure that your ad doesn’t get flagged here are some helpful tips.
The clearer you are about what it is you’re providing the consumers, the lower the likelihood of becoming flagged. Make your article detailed as you can. You may include photographs to give descriptions of these products.
Finally but most of all, be sure to post conscientiously. The principles are set into place to protect the customers and you from malicious and fraudulent content. To maintain the integrity of your article high, be sure you’re posting services and items which aren’t illegal and won’t hurt other users.


Private advice of others — private, identifying, proprietary or confidential information, such as official records Craigslist is a simple site which enables its users to put advertisements for website visitors and users up to test. These advertisements are extremely easy in comparison to advertising websites or posting. Not all articles are dependable detected and however, as there are reported cases of scammers and fraud utilizing the website that is posting .
Hint # 1  Prevent posting advertisements that involve the illegal list of things, content and services. Listed below are the Items Which are prohibited Dependent on the website.


Pet earnings (with the exclusion of adoption, together with small adoption fee okay), animal components, stud Services,Endangered and/or shielded animals or some other part derived from these.


You will access the entire list of banned items within this connection,
Qualify what it is you’re posting by saying what are and aren’t contained on your products or services available. You’re able to place and place warranties, provided people can be guaranteed by you. Create a list of these items if you’re submitting an advertisement for selling of things. You can describe what the product is for so users won’t confuse the use of this item for something different.


The most users which are a part of this community also track the user-generated content of Cragislist. Users may flag articles they deem suspect, undependable or improper . Users may click on the button that is ìprohibitedî and it’ll flag the post improper.
It’s very important to notice the principle supporting the prohibition of particular materials. Users may flag anything that can be a breach of laws and laws. The tricky part is making certain users don’t take your post as falling under one of these banned things, which contributes to hint #2.




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