Top 10 Things to Know Before You Hire a Pest Control Company

Top 10 Things to Know Before You Hire a Pest Control Company

Are they authorized? Will they hurt your pets? Will they keep you in a long haul contract if you’re not satisfied?
These are inquiries that are presumably running in your head. Picking a Pest Control Company to keep your family safe from pests is a vital choice.
I have assembled a rundown of 10 things you have to know before you contract a Pest Control Firm.
Here they are!

Tip 1: Pest Inspection – Fee or Free?
How much does it cost to get a Pest Inspection?
At Larue Pest Management our initial consultation is free!
We will come and review your home for without you spending a penny. Based on your home’s age and construction type and your lawn’s size and type of landscaping, we’ll assist you determine that forms of services you must think of.
Our complete rundown of lists include:
Pest Control
Pest Prevention, Removal, and Elimination
Mosquito Prevention & Control (Abatement & Misting)
Termite Control, Protection, Service
Organic Lawn Care Program
Lawn Care Program
Shrub Care Program

Tip 2: Pest Control Technicians – Protect Your Home From Bugs & Bad Guys
It can be equally alarming to help permit several unfamiliar Pest Management Techs straight into your house, mainly because it is to live with the irritations that are pestering you.
At the point when picking sheltered and dependable Pest Control Technicians to come into your home, consider these things:
A complete personal investigation strategy set up (before they go to the entryway).

A medication free work environment strategy that precludes unlawful medications, as well as obliges workers to advise administration in the event that they are utilizing recommended pharmaceutical that may disable their judgment, driving capacity, execution or conduct.

A Quality-Pro Designation – confirming that all workers willfully attribute to an arrangement of norms far above what is needed by state and government regulations (search for the Quality-Pro logo whenever you select an expert to dispense with your irritation issues).
I hope these reminders help in keeping bad guys and bad pests away from your home!

Tip 3: Do-it-Yourself Pest Control – To Do or Not To Do… THAT is the Question!
Ever heard the saying, “The dose makes the poison”?
This saying originated from a 1550’s Swiss chemist known as “Paracelsus”. He had reasoned that all substances can get to be poisonous, taking into account the measurement.
His most prominent illustration is that even water can murder you in case that you drink more than enough of it. This is the reason it’s to a great degree imperative for do it yourselfers to verify that they are watchful when taking care of pesticides. Do-it-without anyone’s help pest control takes a considerable measure of responsibility. If ever you miss simply a couple of sessions of treatment, you may be in a bad position.
Let’s review the Product and Services of Larue Pest management:
• Pest Prevention, which includes inspections, identification, control, and monitoring.
• Pest Removal of ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas, termites, and rodents.
• Termite Control and protection utilizing the Sentricon Systems.
• Mosquito Control, abatement programs, and outdoor misting systems.
• Organic Lawn and Shrub Care that is pet and family friendly.
• Irrigation Maintenance Service to promote water conservation and a healthy landscape.
Many Southwest Florida homeowners choose Larue Pest Management to handle all of their Pest Control needs, but if you want to “Do It Yourself, then here are a few resources you should know:
• Pesticides: What’s the Risk? – Fact sheet from the National Pesticide Information Center.
• EPA: Pesticides
• Lee County Mosquito Control

Tip 4: Pest Control: What You Should Expect From A Professional Pest Control Company
Larue Pest has practical experience in driving out the bugs from your home…
So our Pest Control vehicles & professionals are kept fit as a fiddle!
Employees comply with a new strict signal that features:
• A uniform dress code
• A service vehicle maintenance agreement
• An appearance policy
Your home should be in better shape than when we entered it (however don’t anticipate that us to clean your dishes – ha! Ha! Joke
Each engine vehicle must experience record checks, which are directed on all representatives that drive an organization vehicle or an individual vehicle for organization business.
All Larue representatives that appear to your living arrangement or business are obliged to stick to a strict uniform clothing standard, administration vehicle upkeep, and appearance strategy.
Making an awesome early introduction is imperative to us… so no spilling oil on your garage or grimy boots on your rug. Simply the bug control benefits that you requested!

Tip 5: A Service Agreement with a Warranty – Now That’s a Pest Control Guarantee!
If you have been looking for a pest control company that can… provide you with a service agreement with a warranty, then look no further.
THE LARUE PROMISE offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed…Or You’re Money Back!
It’s not generally simple to pick a service company. With Larue you can feel sure that you’ve settled on the right decision. Serving our clients for more than 32 years and developing to be one of Southwest Florida’s biggest family claimed nuisance administration firms is no mistake.
At Larue we remain behind our main goal to keep up a main part in the pest management industry by giving fantastic expert and nurturing our customers. Our focus is to capably secure our customers’ wellbeing, property and the nature of their surroundings by utilizing the absolute best in staff, training and development. Larue’s future development will keep on being constructed exclusively with respect to the long haul fulfillment of our customers.
Money Back Guarantee (aka our return policy): If you are dissatisfied after one of your service visits, we’ll make things right. After 30 days, should your pest problem persist we will continue to work on the problem until you are completely satisfied or refund the cost of that service visit. It’s that simple!

Tip 6: Larue Pest Control Technicians are Armed and Dangerous… to Bugs.
Pest Control Technicians are prepared to battle these pests…
… So don’t attempt this at home children!
Larue Pest has a strict set of principles that our professionals must stick to before being qualified to work in your home. Deals and administration experts should initially meet testing essentials before they are qualified to take a shot at your record. This guarantees that you get the expert services that you needed. Besides, every services agreement from Larue accompanies a warranty. So in the rare occasion that you’re not contented with our services, you are secured.
Technicians that come into your home are trained and tested in the use and application of pesticides, ensuring that your family is safe and free from pests.

Tip 7: Environmental Stewardship – Integrated Pest Management That You Can Count On.
Make sure that your pest control company…
…has a QualityPro designation.
The QualityPro project contains an environmental stewardship angle that obliges organizations to offer coordinated pest management services (IPM) to its clients.
Larue IPM incorporates:
• A free inspection
• ID of pests
• Evaluation of the level of pest action
• Fitting activity once pest have been recognized and their level of movement has been surveyed
• Assessment of viability of treatment and proper measures taken if treatment isn’t a complete achievement
As a part of the ecological stewardship portion of a Quality Service Pro designation, a pest control company must hold fast to certain fitting pesticide use agreements.
• Proper pesticide storage
• Proper pesticide disposal
• Proper pesticide transportation
Now you can guarantee that your pest control company is effective and safe while doing their job. If you would like more information on what “IPM” means, just ask your service provider.

Tip 8: Pest Control Solutions – Start with a Free Pest Inspection, Yep it is Really Free!
We say what we do & we do what we say…
However not everybody does!
Promoting practices are placed set up to guarantee that companies don’t make false claims when requesting your business.
No deceptive pictures, words or wording!
So when Larue Pest says that we will issue you a free examination, we truly would not joke about this. In America it is illicit to dishonestly promote and all false commercial cases are examined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). So you can rest guaranteed that your free pest investigation will really be free. There are no shrouded expenses or charges, which would likewise be unlawful.
Regarding the matter of false promoting, you need to verify that you are managing a reliable company. Larue Pest Management is precisely that… an organization that you can trust.
To get your free inspection you should do nothing more than round out a basic online form.

Tip 9: Pest Control Practices You Can Rely On
“Communication works for those who…
…work at it.” – John Powell
Clear correspondence practices are vital in the business world.
At Larue Pest Management clear correspondence rehearses must be taken after, including methods for reaching the client to timetable the investigation and notice.
So what would you be able to anticipate from us?
*Exceptionally proficient workers
*Assurance of your:
• Health
• Property
• Environment
Rest assured that your irritation issues will be appropriately dealt with.
You ought to expect nothing not as much as a lovely experience when one of our specialists goes to your home for an investigation or administration call.
Pests have been around long before people and they’ll presumably be around long after we’re gone. Luckily, we know the best possible bug control techniques to deal with them and you.
So put your trust in a company that is there for you, at whatever point you require.

Tip 10: Bonded and Insured Pest Control Company Gives Homeowners Peace of Mind
All companies that enroll in the QualityPro program must have…
…insurance minimums in place for workers comp, general liability, and vehicles
So if one of Larue’s friendly pest control professionals turns out to administer your home or business and inadvertently falls and harms himself, there is no requirement for you to stress in light of the fact that our general obligation protection will cover the case.
Being bonded is a somewhat less understood concept. Being reinforced implies that a holding company has secured money that is accessible to you in the occasion you document a case against the company. The secured money is in the control of the state, a bond, and not under the control of the organization.
For instance: Let’s say that you employ a home remodel organization and they end up getting a five finger rebate on your XBox (in layman’s terms that implies they stole your XBox). All things considered, you would record a case against the organization and, after an examination, would be paid out by this bond.
With these protections set up, you can unmistakably see that Larue Pest Management has your best advantage as a main prior interest.

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