Three natural remedies for migraines

Three natural remedies for migraines


Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, the peppermint plant can be a potent medication from migraines. You can use the peppermint leaves to create a homemade tea concoction that you can enjoy with your cool compress to soothe the pains of a migraine.

Apart from being ingested as a soothing drink, the oil version of the peppermint is also a good topical relief for pain. Peppermint oil’s active ingredient, which is menthol, can offer relief from pain. You can apply it on your forehead or the affected area and inhale the calming scent of the oil to help you relax. The cooling effect of peppermint aids in the discomfort, while the scent helps you relax and decreases the chances of further anxiety.


Native to Asia, ginger is a root-crop that is used in most households as a potent cooking spice. It has been used as a remedy for cold and flu symptoms, stomach pain and other ailments. It is also a good remedy for migraines, and is easily available in your own household if not in your neighborhood.

You can grind or grate some ginger and put the bits in your cup. Pour boiling water over it and let it steep. Squeeze a slice of lemon in and add some honey to your taste. This will even out the spiciness of the ginger and can also offer an enjoyable flavor.

Ginger has been documented to have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Apart from the benefits of promoting good health, it is a potent substitute to the usual prescription drugs that are used to treat migraines. It’s something you really might want to try since it’s a natural alternative!

Lavender oil

The lavender plant is used to extract lavender oil, which is known for its fragrant and relaxing smell. Used widely in aromatherapy, lavender oil essences help promote stress reduction and relaxation.

There have been studies that show the effectiveness of aromatherapy with lavender on migraine patients.

As a home therapy, you can make your own lavender aromatherapy at home. You can have a burner readily available, which you can purchase in your local retail stores. Buy a small bottle of lavender oil essences and light the burner when you feel stress. This can help you overcome a stress-induced migraine. If the pain has already started, you can use the soothing smell of lavender to calm you down so your pain does not progress due to stress and further anxiety.

If you do not wish to have candles in your burner, you can also try the steam or sauna method. Simply boil water and put it in a bowl. Pour lavender essences into the bowl, this will cause the fragrances to come off as sweet-smelling steam. Inhale the steam and relax, you can use a thin cloth to channel the steam to your face so you can inhale it better. While doing this, you may also choose to play some soothing music.

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