Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Do you live in a place where snow is a constant visitor? Do you view it as a good thing wherein you can make a perfect snowman and play with your friends or families on it? Or do you see it as a nuisance due to the fact that snow buildup could impede your daily activities? Actually, this cold, wet stuff is not really a problem if your to-do-list on the time it arrives only involves sleeping and making snowman or angels. However, if you need your pathway or driveway to be free from snow for you to proceed with your busy day, then the problem sets in. To avoid impediment of your schedule, it is best to prepared when a snow comes.
Right equipment

Be ready with your snow removing equipment like snow shovels and blowers in order to save time looking for them when the snow lands. Make sure that you buy the right shovel or pusher, in some cases. In order to help the loading and unloading process, it is advisable to use a lightweight, plastic or aluminum blade coated with a nonstick finish. Better yet, buy an S-shaped shaft to avoid bending too much. You can ask your trusted local stores for suggestions on what tools are advisable to get.

Protect your plants
It is important to put stakes around the plants before the ground freezes to guard you from accidently shoveling them. This is especially true to those near the driveways or pathways. However, bear in mind that you must not try very hard shaking off the snow on your plants as this will do more damage.

Start shoveling early
It is unwise to wait for the snow to stop before you get to the business of clearing your place. If you do such thing, you need to exert more effort removing it because by that time, the snow has already bonded with the surface. In addition, it would be good to scrape a 3-inches snow buildup than five, right?

No to pileups
You should not heap snow on anything made of wood because the latter is susceptible to water damage. Also, foundation walls must be free from snow pileups because a melting water could refreeze and may cause a crack to your wall as a result.

Snow blower
If you’re in a hurry and want to remove the snow in the quickest way possible, you can use a snow blower. You can find one in your local stores, you just need to ask the attendant what’s the best for your need. However, you need to know that this machine is only most useful in clearing large, flat areas and with at least 1 ½ inches of snow on the ground. It is very important to spray the exit chute with silicone before use to keep snow from sticking.
You may find clearing this cold wet stuff tedious, but you have no choice but to do it for your safety and your family.

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