Precautions for Wearing Contact Lenses

Although you may wear contact lenses for their convenience over wearing eyeglasses, you must take precautions to ensure proper eye care. If you do not properly care for your contact lenses, it can lead to eye infection and other eye conditions. The proper precautions to take while wearing contact lenses will be explained.

What Precautions Should I Take?
In order to ensure adequate eye health, you should always visit an eye doctor before buying contact lenses. There are some online businesses that illegally sell contact lenses. Buying these illegal contact lenses puts you at increased risk of infection, as they may not be properly sanitized. Buying contact lenses illegally will also likely result in improper fitting for your eyes, possibly leading to corneal abrasions and ulcers and even permanent vision loss. For these reasons, it is vital to visit an eye doctor before using contact lenses to ensure that the lenses will fit properly and are sanitized. Another necessary precaution is to not wear your contact lenses overnight, as it will put your eyes at increased risk of infection.

One thing you may have tried is using your contact lens cleaning solution more than once. We all want to save money, but reusing your cleaning solution will have no disinfecting properties, and thus will have no effect on keeping your contact lenses clean. Also, you should not use soap or some other non-disinfectant. The material from your tears builds up in your contact lenses, putting you at risk of eye infection if your contacts are not properly cleaned. Soap and water will not adequately clean your contact lenses, so it is vital to use a disinfectant while cleaning to avoid infection.
Although it is different for everyone, you should replace your contact lenses at least once every three months. This amount of time varies as some may have allergies or other conditions that cause them to replace their contact lenses more frequently. It is vital to talk to your eye doctor about when you should replace your contact lenses so as to avoid eye infections. A sign that your contacts should be replaced is when they are constantly causing irritation to your eyes. Constant irritation could mean that you have an eye infection or other condition.

What Should I Do When Removing My Contact Lenses?
Always be sure that your hands are clean before taking out your contact lenses as failure to do say can result in an eye infection. After you remove the lenses from your eyes, you should clean them thoroughly with your cleaning solution. Remember to not reuse your solution; it is not saving you any money! You should allow your contact lenses to dry in a sanitary case before putting them back in your eyes.

There are many precautions you should take before using contact lenses. First, you should find out with your eye doctor how long you should keep using your contact lenses before replacing them. Everyone’s eyes react differently to contact lenses, so you may have to replace your contact lenses more frequently than once every three months to avoid eye infections. You should also be sure that you are properly cleaning your contact lenses by not reusing your cleaning solution. Taking the proper precautions when using contact lenses will ensure that your experience is more convenient than wearing eye glasses.

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