How To Train Cat Not to Bite?

How To Train Cat Not to Bite?

As much as you love your furry friends when they bite you it really does hurt. Cats scratch and bite for so many different reasons and getting them to stop will require you to understand first why they started in the first place. If you’ve tried just about everything you can think of to get your kitten or grown cat to stop biting you to no avail, consider trying these five methods listed below.

What Causes Him/Her to Bite?
The first order of business is to find out the cause of their biting. Is it something that you’re doing that encourages it? Pay attention to your cat’s behavior to get a better understanding of why they are biting to begin with. It could be the result of aggressive behavior such as playing too rough, a sound or noise that makes them afraid, or in defense of something they thought was going to harm or attack them. Once you know why they have started biting you, you can create a plan of action to prevent as much of those triggers from happening.

Give Them Things to Play With
Sometimes a cat will bite and scratch to get attention because they’re bored. Give your cat some things to keep them entertained such as a feather wand, a squeaky mouse, or a catnip filled pillow to play around with. Play with your cat on the daily basis as they love the attention they get. If you find that you don’t have the time to play with your cat on the daily basis it may be ideal to get a new pet to keep them company during the day.

Be Assertive Not Aggressive
It is important that when your cat starts biting you that you reprimand the behavior assertively. Clap your hands, and in a firm voice say NO while looking them in the eye directly without a smile. It is important that you never hit the cat no matter how much the bite hurt and you should simply leave the room and ignore the cat as you would with a child who had just been put on time out. It is important to stress that you cannot be overly aggressive because if your cat becomes afraid this will encourage them to bite more. Also, those cats who are not spayed or neutered this could be a reason for them being overly aggressive and biting.

A Little Water Goes a Long Way
Another method for training your cat not to bite is to squirt them with a little bit of water from a spray bottle. You will need to keep a water bottle on each level or your house as in order for this training method to work you will need to do it consistently and directly following when you were bitten to avoid confusing the cat.

In closing, while training your cat not to bite it is extremely important that you do not ever use your fingers as toys. Playing with your cat with your hands or fingers will only create confusion and cause them to continually bite you. If these methods above do not work, consult with a veterinarian to find out about your cat’s health. It is also possible that they’re suffering and are unaware of how to express this to you.

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