How to get through inky situations-A guide to getting tattooed

How to get through inky situations-A guide to getting tattooed

Deciding to get inked is easy, but how does one begin the actual process? There might be a tattoo parlor right outside your apartment, but that doesn’t make it the location you need to go to. Choosing a tattoo artist should be similar to vetting a presidential candidate. Can he or he get the job done? Are they all talk and no work? The following elements are what you should look for in a tattoo artist.

Is he really the one?

There is probably no one on the planet you can trust to hold a needle to your skin without any protest. Finding a tattoo artist you love is like looking for a life partner. You need to analyze their personality, their skill, their previous work and their environment. If he or she works in a dingy dark room with syringes everywhere and something that looks like mud on the walls, you probably want to cross off that specific place off your list.

It is really important not to let a tattoo artist ruin this special moment for you. A guy without experience can end up drawing the wrong thing on you. You may ask for a ring of fire and end up with a butterfly tramp stamp on your backside (Ted Mosby, anyone?)

One needs to feel comfortable enough to chat up their tattoo artist about their best and worst experiences or anything else you deem relevant. If the artist understands your vision, it ends up being a win-win for the both of you. One should have the courage to speak up and ask questions if you feel something isn’t going right and this could save you the time and money spent in making adjustments to your ink.

Johnny Depp or Woody Allen?

Tattoo artists can be compared to actors. Some actors have a gift of being able to adapt to any style to better suit the director’s needs. Johnny Depp can play a fierce pirate and transform into a candy-crazed factory owner. Woody Allen is not as versatile and would probably do great in a small spectrum of genres. In the same way, some tattoo artists have a specific style such as graffiti, Japanese, tribal, etc. A graffiti artist sleeps graffiti and eats graffiti. It may be very difficult for him to draw you a Sailor Jerry tat on your arm.

What you need to be looking for is a tattoo artist who is able to tackle whatever is thrown at them and still manage to deliver great results. The client needs to know that an artist who has stuck to traditional forms of tattooing might not be willing to change up his style any time soon. While talking to the artist, try and look out for things they point out as cool or excellent choices. A Woody Allen type of artist is great to watch, but would you really entrust him with giving you a really rad tattoo?

Precision can make or break you

Some tattoo artists do a great job at splashing ink on you, but what are they really doing? Is it art or crooked art? One may consider looking out for legibility and spelling when it comes to text and missing or disproportional limbs. Don’t laugh at the poor saps that have gone through this. It wasn’t their fault they failed to give their artist the correct spelling or look at the result of their pain carefully. There are numerous pages on the Internet that show you popular tattoo fails. Try not to end up as the latest addition in 2015.
To avoid this said embarrassment, make sure you ask your tattoo artist if he knows the spelling and ask him to show you his portfolio and check for any previous tats on the same. The artist understands that this is a business venture that leaves permanent implications and will gladly give you what you need.

Cain and Able
One of the most important things you need to look for in an artist is their ability. Can the artist draw acceptable lines? The dictionary defines a line as an infinitely one-dimensional figure without any curves or thickness. Thickness is one of the best ways to conclude the failure of a line. Flawed lines can drive anyone crazy. However, we would be placing too much faith in an artist’s abilities if we expected him to draw perfect lines on our skin. What with our constant shaking because of the pain and uneasiness. But there isn’t any crime in expecting nothing but the best shading and the best use of color. An artist who shades randomly on a tat that does not require that kind of haphazard display is probably the kind of person you would not want to invest in.

Look for professionals such as those at Lightwave Tattoos who are highly competent and professional. Also, look out for this flaw in their portfolios.

The kind of problems talked about above might just be nothing but a thing you sit and laugh at as your preferred tattoo artist gives you an inking of your life.

Show me the money

Getting a tattoo can be really expensive. We all know that getting inked was probably not in your budget. An important thing people keep in mind while vetting potential artists is how much they charge for their services.

The best artists will definitely charge a lot. This isn’t something that should discourage you during your hunt for the perfect tattoo. Think of it this way: spending a few extra dollars to get the BEST quality.

Would you rather spend a little money and end up with something you regret for the rest of your life? The rest of your life doesn’t mean until tomorrow or next week! It means until the end of time’.

Basically, if you choose your artist by what he charges, you might end up sacrificing on quality. Not to mean that one who charges less doesn’t know anything. My point is that cost should never be your driving force when it comes to choosing who to get you tatted up.

Remember to look out for the color, shading, even lines, etc. when going through an artist’s portfolio. Don’t let anyone rush you into scanning it since this is basically his resume. At the end of the day, the tat belongs to you. Choose wisely.

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