How to get rid of Loneliness?

How to get rid of Loneliness?

We all have had that day at a certain point – when you wake up, moody and tired, soaked with this notorious emotion – loneliness. Maybe it is just a dark period? Or something bad has happened recently? The fact is that you can’t find comfort in the presence of anyone. It is not necessary to be physically alone – sometimes everything just seems jaded and dull. The reasons for this condition always vary in strength and nature, but luckily there are some things you can do in most cases.

Turn to the people close to you

Our family is the group of people we disparage the most. The truth is that they probably know us better than we know ourselves. Talk to your parents, your brother or sister – call the cousin you are such good friends with. These are the people that influenced you in becoming what you are. No one cares for you more than the ones that raised you. It is not necessary to have someone that gets you to feel good – the feeling of being loved is the one that gives the most comfort to a person.


It may seem as a strange advice but it can really help with loneliness. The most important effect of it happens immediately. Our brain produces endorphins – basically the chemical form of what we call happiness. These hormones are created when we are in pain, danger or severe stress and their purpose is to reduce these unpleasant feelings. We are literally getting high on drugs, produced by our own bodies! The effect is similar to that of morphine but weaker, of course.

Working out generally makes you feel better about yourself. It is true that the visible effects don’t come immediately. The feeling that you have done something difficult on the other hand is going to make you more confident and from there – more social.

Use technology…

only to arrange a meeting with someone! Nothing is better to fight loneliness than physical contact. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use technology to help us with arranging it. You can start by skyping someone you haven’t seen in a long time. An option is to find on Facebook someone you have met only once or twice (but you hit it off) and ask them to go for a walk, a drink or just to hang out. It is not something that requires so much courage. Doing it online is a great way to overcome feeling uncomfortable if you are shy, too. If you have any preferences about music, art or whatsoever, you can check for communities of people with similar tastes. It will be easier to find a topic to socialize, and a potential environment where to feel more understood.

Don’t let yourself soak in loneliness! Do something about it – get in touch with family, exercise, try to make new acquaintances. Doing something immediately changes your focus and softens unpleasant emotions.  Last but not least – think about the difference between being lonely and in solitude. Maybe you just need some time alone? Sit quietly and think about what has happened recently in your life – think about yourself. Look at these moments of solitude as a chance to change your attitude towards matters and finding a path for future development.

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