How to Get a Job Writing Articles for a magazine

How to Get a Job Writing Articles for a magazine

Writing for magazines is everyone’s dream but so few authors, even published ones ever make it. How do break through the glass door into publishing is an interesting topic, one that there is no one answer. Everyone seems to have a different story. Their Uncle was an editor, the submitted a piece through an editorial, they hounded the staff until they got work, some just applied right out of college. The idea is persistence and patience.

Patience pays off
If you don’t have much of an existing portfolio you can expect that no editor within the published media will take you very seriously. Here is where patience pays off, you can start a blog, start writing articles freelance, or simple submit free articles to the editors in magazines (be sure to mention their free). Once you’ve built up a portfolio of published or just written work you will begin to create leverage with your editors.

Obtain the degrees needed
While you hear about plenty of people who made it big without degrees the English field is simply too populated with college graduates to really standout without one. If you’re started writing and want to push your way through into publishing it will only benefit you to return to college and seek a degree verifying your skills. Professors within colleges have connections as well so obtaining a degree can help you step up internships and work at major magazines.

Find a niche
Most importantly is to find a niche. Writing about shoes may never get you viewers on your blog but writing about shoes will, or even better a specific shoe, like riding boots. While it may sound dull you’re more likely to break through the wall into print if you establish yourself with an audience. With the internet today we’re delighted with the increased amount of experts we’re able to find one nearly any topic at all. Become one of those experts and you’ll command a following that will carry over to publishing.

Establish a working reputation
Continuing on before sometimes its who you know not necessarily how you write. If you can begin to surround yourself with those who have connections within the publishing sector you will find that breaking through to publishing will become much simpler. Trying taking jobs monitoring web content for a publisher, or writing small side bar scripts. If you know the publisher you will be able to secure a position writing actual articles much easier.

Submit, submit, submit!
It may seem redundant but all the connections in the world won’t get you that job you’ve been looking for unless you submit your work. Build up a solid portfolio and then submit it to every publishing house and magazine you can think of. If you get feedback at all use that to create a more solid portfolio and submit again. Some authors submitted their work to hundreds of publishers before being accepted for writing so keep submitting, and with enough time and experience you can break through to publish content.

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