How to find Recycling places for my stuff

How to find recycling places for my stuff

Recycling has been around for years. Recently, with the other green and eco movements it has picked up speed. There are many recycling centers around and they are not that hard to find. What you need to be aware of is making sure that the recycling plant you choose to drop off your items at or that picks up in your local area accepts that type of items you want to recycle.

First, find a list of the nearest recycling plants to you. This can easily be done with a quick Google search. Google is obviously helpful for many things and when searching for a plant and what can be recycled Google will become your best friend. Compile the list along with what is possible to be recycled at each plant. Some plants only recycle paper and cardboard. Other plants only recycle glass. These are important things to know before choosing a plant. It is rare to find a center that is a perfect 100% match to what you are looking for.

Next, ask if there are any restrictions on days/times to drop off. Also check to see what they require for drop off ñ do they require everything to be clean and free of any debris or remaining material that had been stored in them previously, do they require the items to be dropped off in certain containers, etc. Make sure you do your homework so you do not have rejected items at the time of drop off.

A quick note about plastics: not all plastics are created equal. There are many different processes and materials that go into creating plastics. If you look on the bottom of your plastic, it should have a recycling code. Not all types of plastic can be recycled at all plastic plants. This is especially important to know. Go through your house and make a list of the different types of plastic you have in your household products and which ones are most prevalent. It is important to choose a recycling center that can handle the products that you would like to start recycling.

Are there any recycling centers that can do 80% or more of what you are wanting to start recycling? If so, those would be the best place to start. Are there any centers that are close together or even in the same compound that meet your needs? Try to find the easiest access to the centers that require the least amount of travel. Recycling will be easier on you if you make it easy to get to and from the center.

Finding recycling places to turn in your items is not difficult. It does not take much to plan out your recycling trips in the easiest way possible. Do not forget to check out pick up services in your area. Many cities are adding recycling pick up to the weekly trash pickup as well. Recycling is great for the environment and your household. It is a great habit to get into as well as to teach your kids and the next generation.

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