How to earn money writing articles online

How to earn money writing articles online

When you first find that you would be able to write articles and blog posts for money, you, like me might have been seeing dollar signs. Getting started in the world of online blogging isn’t as simple as some like to suggest it is, but, it isn’t as hard as you could have imagined. Online sites are available to pay for nearly every level of writing, there is always another tier for you to advance to as you become faster, clearer, and better with your writing.

Find a site that works for you
The first step is to find a site that accepts the articles you write. You can start by becoming a freelance writer for online freelance sites like and, you can try to sell your product for just 5 dollars on or you can create a blog and gather a following around you before striking out for pay. Finding the solution that works best for you is the key to creating a stream of income to support your other ventures.
While some people replace their income within a month, its not common. Start small with a few jobs and build up a reputation for honest work. You may need to start much lower than you anticipated, writing for barely above a few dollars an article. While there is no shame in starting so low, be sure to demand a higher pay as your skill and experience increase.

Learning write to markets
If you’re having trouble getting your writing accepted by editors its mostly likely not written for their market. Each editor has a specific audience they’re trying to target. Sometimes its better to find the market you naturally write to, rather than changing your writing style to match the markets. If you can’t find one there’s not shame in changing up how you write so that your articles sell.

How to write on the web
Writing on the web is different than school or print. The content must be produced quickly and constantly updated to encourage viewers. That being said many authors have several writers under them creating content for them to publish. These are called ghost writers. If you want to write for the web you need to write clearly and concisely. Use as little words as possible when writing and organize your thoughts under headers and bulleted point. The general rule is if you can make a paragraph a bulleted list, do it. You also need to read up on what SEO is and how to write for it. Everyone today wants SEO content and their willing to pay more for it.

Building on your first success
After your first articles are published build on that success ask for recommendations or more work. Always ask for feedback and look into software to improve your grammar and writing. You may take a class and try to teach yourself new writing styles. You should also always be proud of the work you created. Be sure to show off the pieces you’re proud of and use them to secure more writing jobs.

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