How To Beat Fatigue During Your Monthly Cycle

How To Beat Fatigue During Your Monthly Cycle

As if the pain, unending food cravings and erratic mood swings are not enough, women also have to deal with the frustrating feeling of fatigue and low energy during their monthly cycle. This is known as period fatigue and it specifically happens during that time of the month wherein a woman’s hormones are raging. However, this is a biological and normal part of the monthly cycle and can be managed easily.

The key to successfully overcoming and treating the discomforts of menstruation is discipline, proper and sufficient knowledge and well-informed treatment.

What Causes The Fatigue

When a woman is on her monthly period, the estrogen level during the days of bleeding significantly drops. When this happens, the energy level also drops. Low energy level affects a lot of factors in the body, including a woman’s productivity, mood and sometimes her personal relationships. Additionally, the hormonal change is not the only factor that causes fatigue, but also insufficient nutrients in the diet such as iron.

Foods That Help With Fatigue

Foods that are high in iron, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B, water, whole grain and lean protein are best. Iron is one of the most important nutrients a woman should be equipped with during her monthly cycle. Foods rich in iron include green leafy vegetables and red meat. To be able to absorb the iron well inside the body, vitamin C is also recommended. Foods that contain vitamin C are citrus fruits and broccoli.
Vitamin B and magnesium are found in the same food groups and these foods include seeds and nuts that can help your body fight exhaustion. Dehydration can also cause fatigue, which is why adequate intake of water and fluids is highly recommended. Experts say that women may take multivitamins to be able to get enough amounts of nutrients that the body needs.

Whole grain and lean protein can also help in preventing fatigue during the monthly cycle. Whole grain can be found in whole grain bread, brown rice and breakfast cereals. Grilled fish and chicken also contains high amounts of lean protein.

Food That Worsen Fatigue

When a woman’s period is approaching, there are foods and drinks that should be avoided and should not be ingested while on her period. Foods that are high in carbohydrates, fats and sugars should be avoided. For example, candies and fast food are rich in these ingredients. Foods and drinks high in caffeine like coffee, chocolate and tea can cause dehydration, sleeping disorders and may get in the way of iron absorption. Alcohol also causes sleeping disorders and one may end up feeling exhausted after drinking alcoholic beverages.

Aside from diet modification, there should also be a lifestyle modification. Women should be physically active by exercising or participating in activities that helps lessen stress. When nearing your period and while still on your period, find ways to lessen your worries. If you have problems, put them into perspective and know that you can’t solve them all at once. If you have a lot of things to do, don’t be stressed out. Just learn to prioritize and deal with things one at a time.

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