How Much Time Should You Allow for Driving Across The USA?

Planning a road trip across the USA is a great way to see new sites, bond with those close to you, and just get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life. If you’ve never been on a cross country road trip before, timing out how long youíre going to be gone could be a bit confusing. If you were driving straight through, the answer might be a bit simpler to calculate, however, in most cases you’re going to make a few stops along the way. Below you will find a few factors that you need to consider before you can determine how long it will take.

Where Do You Live?

The first determining factor in timing how long you should allow for your cross country trip is where you live. Where you live will determine which routes you can take to where you want to be.

Where is Your Final Destination?

Do you live on the east coast and plan to travel all the way to the west coast (For instance do you live in New Jersey and want to travel to California?)? Where you intend to stop will also play a significant role in how long you need for your trip.

What Stops Will You Make?

As stated before, unless youíre going to stay in the car the entire time there is going to be some stops along the way. Are you going to stop in every state? Do you intend to stop midway through? These are things that will factor in how much time you need for your cross country trip. Sit down and factor in all the places you want to see and visit along the way.

Any Overnight Trips?

When you only have a few drivers, sometimes stopping at a nearby hotel might be necessary to give them a rest. Are you and the other drivers going to take turns so that you donít have to stop as much? If you are going to stay overnight in some locations what are they and how long do you intend to stop?

What Route Do You Want to Take?

There are plenty of different routes you can take on your cross country road trip. If you want to drive fast then taking major highways might be the best option for you. However, if you want to take in as many sites as possible, a scenic route might be best. Other things to consider about the route you are going to take is are you taking a straight path or do you intend to veer off the beaten path from time to time?

What Times of Day Do You Intend to Drive?

Just like all locations there are times of day in which the roads are clear and then there are times in the day when there are high traffic patterns. When driving cross country, do you intend to drive during peak traffic times?

All of these questions need to be answered in order to determine how long you should allow for a cross country trip. A rule of thumb you might want to keep in mind is to add an extra day.

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