How Long Can a Contact Lens Be Used Before Disposal?

Today, disposable contacts are the most popularly worn form of contact lenses. Although disposable contact lenses are a bit pricier than regular contacts, they are more convenient as you do not need to clean them as you would regular contact lenses. However, a concern you may have over wearing disposable contact lenses is when to throw them away. Insight into when you should throw away your disposable contact lenses will be given in order to ensure healthy eye care. It should be noted, however, that each individuals eyes are different. Some cannot wear disposable contact lenses due to certain eye conditions, including allergies. The only way of knowing for sure whether you can wear disposable contact lenses and when is the right time to replace them is by asking you eye doctor.

When to Replace Your Disposable Contact Lenses
There are many different types of contact lenses that are often confused with disposable contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses refer to a type of lens that is to be replaced at least once every two weeks or once every three months, depending on the type. If you have disposable lenses,î they are to be replaced at least once every two weeks, but if you own frequent replacement lenses,they are to be replaced at lease once every three months. It is important to be sure of which type you have, as they are very often confused. Confirming the type of contact lenses you have will reduce your chance of getting an eye infection.

You do not want to keep your contact lenses for any longer than the recommended time, as doing so will lead to the buildup of fluids from your tears in you contact lenses. This buildup can lead to eye infections if the lenses are not adequately replaced. In order to escape replacing your lenses, you may decide to simply clean them. Unfortunately, however, cleaning your lenses will not completely remove the buildup from your tears, and thus will still cause you to be at risk of eye infections.
When to replace your disposable contact lenses will also depend on your unique eyes. Different eyes react differently to disposable contact lenses, so no one case serves as the ideal amount of time. Your eyes may excrete more or less fluid than the eyes of someone else, causing you to replace your contact lenses more or less frequently. Also, you may have allergies that will cause you to replace your contacts more often than someone else. The only way of knowing for sure when to replace your contacts is by asking your eye doctor.

Although disposable contacts are usually replaced at least once every two weeks, your unique eyes may require the contacts to be replaced more frequently. Also, due to your tears, you should not clean your disposable contacts thinking it will protect your eyes from infection. Your eyes will still be at risk of infection as there will still be a buildup of material from your tears in your contact lenses.

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