How is it Possible to Spy on a Cheating Husband’s Cell Phone Usage?

If you think, suspect, or just plain know that your spouse is cheating, probably the next thing to enter your mind is to catch him at it so you can confront him; confronting with evidence, say with calls or text messages on a cell phone with another man or woman, makes an encounter with the cheating spouse easier to prove and also creates tangible evidence if and when you decide to divorce.
1. Is it even possible to spy on my spouses cell phone? This can be a bit of a tricky question; on one hand, yes it is possible to spy on your husbands cell phone usage, given the cell phone spying software on the market, but there is the legality of spying that can make many wives hesitate. Unless you have the express permission of your spouse to install the spy software on his phone, it would be illegal for you to therefore use it. If you have permission from your spouse to install the spying software, then by all means go ahead and use it. However, it is always advisable to also seek the advice of your attorney or lawyer before using any kind of cell phone spying software.
2. Once I have permission to install this cell phone spy software, how does it work? Basically, once you install it on the users phone, the software will allow you to monitor and access all data including monitoring keystrokes and passwords, logins and messages on social networking sites, any text messages, and even photos and screenshots and also allows you to monitor this info on your own smart phone, as well as a computer or laptop. All of the data and information can be sent to an email that you provide, and some software will even catch data (like pictures and texts) that the spouse has previously tried to delete.
3. What are other features of cell phone spying software? There are several different types of cell phone spying software and monitoring on the market, and just a few of their features include:
* Ability to remotely view activity
* View/see keystrokes typed
* Web filtering
* Find out what programs were/have been blocked
* See what websites have been blocked or deleted (such as pornography sites)
* 24/7 technical and customer service support
* View all website history
* View all email accessed on the users cell phone
* Access to Instant Messaging and other forms of this like Google Hangouts, etc.
* Access/view the users calendar, contacts, photos, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn accounts and profiles
* Access to the call log history
* Access to SMS text messaging history
* Most cell phone spy software is compatible with: Mac, Windows, BlackBerry, Android and iPhone
* Some software even lets you monitor more than one device (for example, if your spouse has both a work and a personal cell phone), and lets you monitor from different devices as well.

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