How do you treat a heart murmur?

How do you treat a heart murmur?

Because innocent heart murmurs are harmless, they do not require any sort of treatment. For abnormal heart murmurs, treatment is prescribed according to the heart defect or heart problem causing it.
Once a person suspects to have an abnormal heart murmur, he is advised to visit the pediatric cardiologist who specializes with heart conditions both normal and abnormal. Questions like have you ever experienced shortness of breath, dizzy spells or even fainted and chest pains may be asked by the doctor. He will then use a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs including checking the pulse. In some cases the doctor may recommend x-rays to properly determine the size of the heart or get a picture of the entire structure of your heart using echocardiogram or even administer electrocardiogram to measure the heart’s electoral activity. Luckily, none of these tests hurt.

Information acquired by the doctor from these tests and physical examination determines if the heart murmur is problematic or not. Treatment solely depends on the health condition behind the heart murmur which range from medication to surfer depending on how severe it is.

Only on extreme situations involving heart valve diseases and congenital heart defects do doctors need to perform medical surgery. Such situations are when stretching open a narrow blood vessel, rebuilding a damaged heart vessel, correct or replace a damaged valve or patching a heart with a hole in it.

Prescribed medication and Recommendations.
Medicines that prevent blood from clotting, squeeze the heart for blood circulation, lower blood pressure or extract excess fluid from the body may be prescribed. Such drugs include Anticoagulants for blood clots, Beta-adrenergic blockers- control rapid beating of the heart or palpitations, Antiarrhythmics- irregular heart beat control, Diuretics- drain the body of its excess salt and water, and Vasodilators- widen and relax narrow blood vessels.

Hyperthyroidism or anemia is a medical condition not related to the heart; therefore, the heart murmur should go away after treating this condition.
Preventive medicines such as prophylactic antibiotics reduce heart infections risks.
For children with heart murmurs, the doctor may recommend proper dental hygiene care so as not to get infections and also frequent checkups.
At present, a heart valve disease cannot be cured by any medication but changing lifestyle and use of drugs to treat the symptoms will delay any complications.

Clinical Tests.
Health organizations such as National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and research institutions aim at prevention and treatment of lung, heart, blood diseases and conditions such as sleeping disorders as well as support in research. This has lead to the advancement of medical care and knowledge.
New treatments such as medical devices, surgeries, procedures or medicines are tested to diagnose, prevent and treatment of various conditions and diseases. It’s done to show whether the treatment is effective and safe before it is used widespread.
One has to willingly volunteer to partake in the clinical tests. Thereafter, details on the research will be explained and learn more about the tests and treatments received including the poses of risks and benefits. However, one maintains the right to withdraw any given time for whatever reason.

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