How Do You Know if You Are a Helicopter Parent?

How Do You Know if You Are a Helicopter Parent?

For those who don’t know, a helicopter parent is best described as a mother or father who has become overly protective of their children. Many studies have shown that this form of hovering over your children could potentially affect them academically, socially, and mentally well into their adult lives. The only way for those who have helicopter tendencies to best help their children is to recognize the signs and take the proper steps to change. To determine whether you or someone you know is a helicopter parent, consider these signs below.

You Track Your Children

It is one thing to inquire about where your teen will be when they say they’re going to hang out after school and quite another to track them or stalk them because you’re overly concerned. Modern technology has taken helicopter parenting to a new level. There is now software that allows parents to track children via GPS, check text messages and interpret phone calls. While some parents may be saying, It’s a new day and age; we should know where our children are. Experts are stating differently. Excessive monitoring of children can lead them to become hostile towards you.

Doing Their Homework

Every child has homework and it is nice to have a parent at home to help them with it. However, a helicopter parent does not understand the meaning of the words help. They will in turn complete the project for their children with the hopes of helping them to get an A. The problem with this is that by taking over the project, you don’t allow your children to learn and experience for themselves. They then grow to believe that striving hard is not a necessity because there will always be someone there to pick up the pieces and do the work for them.

Catching Fits with Educators or Coaches

Is your child involved in extracurricular activities? While getting your child involved in the community and active is a great move to make as a parent, getting involved in their activities too much can really weigh down on them. For instance, your child plays basketball and sits on the bench most of the time. Simply because you want to see your child play does not mean that you should begin yelling at the coach to put them in the game. This does not show a good example and often makes things worse for your child on the team. Another example would be coming to the classroom demanding that the teacher to give your child another day to make up a test because you don’t agree with a grade. Yes, you’re supposed to advocate for your children, but sometimes they have to learn lessons on their own.

Monitor and/or Chaperone Their Social Lives

Yes, children, especially teens can get into something they have no business, but unfortunately mom and dad; this is all a part of life. As your child ages you have to give them some form of trust and responsibilities in order to help them grow as adults. If every social event they have you are right there by their side, they will never learn to make the right decisions, nor will they feel like being open and honest.
If you see yourself in any of these signs, consider reevaluating some of your parenting skills for the advancement of your child’s future.

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