How do you get started with modeling?

How do you get started with modeling?

You go to auditions and open calls for models. In the age of the internet, and other modeling sites allow you to create a portfolio convincing enough for any agency to take you on. All you have to do is get a camera, cute clothes, and start modeling.

According to Wet Paints article about Americas Next Top Model, there are age limits To come into an open call and be seen we require girls be age 24 or under and at least 5’8. We require men to be at least age 15 and at least 5’11. There is no weight requirement to be seen. It’s all about being in proportion, so weights can differ.î But, Miranda Kerr was discovered and started working at the age of thirteen, so there are always exceptions to the rule.

Physically come into an open call if you meet the requirements of the agency. If you don’t meet the requirements or you don’t live near an agency, email or mail your pictures in.
Next, make sure that your photographs are natural and not overly unrealistic. In fact, we prefer non-professional photos! Anyone can cake on a few inches of makeup, hire a photographer who knows clever angles, retouch to the moon, and look halfway decent. If someone submits themselves to me and their pictures are so retouched they look like an anime character, it makes me think that they are trying to hide what they really look like. One, they end up looking ridiculous a lot of the time, and two, having that stuff done can get very expensive!

Then, One would be being too pushy. Yes, it takes perseverance and a thick skin to survive as a model, but if an agency says they are not interested in you, don’t argue try a different agency. We have had certain instances where girls come back to the agency week after week, hoping for a different answer. It is very reasonable to resubmit yourself after a few months of an initial rejection, but do not come back four times in the same month! I am always respectful; however, one needs to understand that submitting yourself persistently to the point of stalking an agency is disrespecting our time.

Remember, You should want to be with an agency that really wants you to be there. If they tell you they are not interested in your look, why would you want to be with them? You don’t! You should be with an agency that is excited about you, loves your look, has your best interest at heart, and is ready to work for you.

So, it is partway about you being patient, by persistent, and keeping your eye out for an agency that cares for you and your look. This is so important. You have to feel like you are supported by the agency. Otherwise, you are going to be shaky in open calls, in casting sessions, in auditions. Good luck!

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