How Do People Get Parasites?

How Do People Get Parasites?

Parasites are usually micro-organisms that attach onto another body and survive off of its nutrients. They are known to cause damage to the body and can result in a series of unpleasant side effects. Unfortunately, parasites are a common problem. They are easy to contract. However, if you know the common ways that people encounter parasites, you can take measures to avoid them.

Ingesting Parasites

One of the most common methods of contracting a parasite is through the items you ingest. Parasites can be present in our food and drink. To avoid getting a parasite in this way, you should make sure that your food and drink are as clean as possible.
People can come into contact with parasites through fruits and vegetables. Since these items grow in the ground, they can provide a convenient surface for parasites. If these foods are unwashed, you are in danger of contracting a parasite. Make sure to cleanse your fruits and vegetables as part of your preparation before you eat them.

Meat is another source of parasites. Since meat comes from animals, any parasitic organism within the animal can be passed on to the person who consumes its meat. Unfortunately, much of the animals bred for meat have parasites present within their bodies. To deal with this and avoid parasites, the easiest step to take is making sure that your meat is thoroughly cooked. Avoiding undercooked meat can help you reduce your risk of parasites.

Finally, water is the biggest material that people can ingest to contract a parasite. Unclean drinking water is a major problem throughout the world. Parasites can be present in water from all kinds of contamination sources. If you are able to do so, make sure that your drinking water has been filtered and properly cleaned before you drink it.

Contact with Others

Contact with others is a major source of parasite spread as well. Parasites can live on human skin and be transferred from person to person. This is difficult to avoid, especially in a world where we are constantly shaking hands and interacting with other people. In addition, different parasites are present in higher rates in other parts of the world. While one person’s immune system might be adjusted, yours might not if you travel to a new place. Traveling to new environments can result in exposure to new types of parasites that your body is not equipped to handle. One of the easiest steps to take to avoid parasites being transferred in this manner is to wash your hands on a regular basis. Simple washing with soap and water can remove germs and bacteria that you have been exposed to throughout the day.

It is not only contact with people that we have to worry about in terms of parasites. Animals carry diseases and parasites that can be transferred to humans. If you work with farm animals, or even if you just have pets, it is important to make sure that they are in optimal health and medically cared for. If they contract a parasite, it can be dangerous not only for the animal but for you as well.

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