How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping on Me?

How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping on Me?

It is essential that every dog owner teaches their pet what they want and expect from them. The sooner they learn positive behaviors the more effective it is for everyone involved. Most dogs jump on people when they are greeting them as a method of saying hello. You must train your dog early on how to greet people so that they don’t continue to jump on unsuspecting guests and passersby.

Ignore Them

One training method for getting your dog to stop jumping on you is to ignore them. Dogs are social animals looking for love and affection. When they jump up to greet you, you must not react. Instead put your arms up to your chest, stand still and do not make eye contact. When the dog stops jumping and sits quietly you can give them a gentle stroke. If they jump up again, repeat this process.

Give Commands

Another approach to getting your dog to stop jumping on you is to give them commands. When you see your dog about to jump on you simply stare straight ahead and firmly say sit. When the sit down you can kneel beside them and give them a pet. Once again if they jump up out of excitement, stand up, look straight, and say sit.

Teach it to Others

Now it may be necessary for you to teach visitors and guests how to also get the same respect from your dog. Those that often come to your home for a visit should be allowed over one at a time to try this training method out with the dog. Either by ignoring them or telling the dog to sit each visitor should take turns in getting a bit of respect. Make sure that they remember to reinforce the positive behavior by giving the dog a few rubs or a pat on the head.

Things You Should Never Do

There are some things that could cause a dog to jump on you that should be avoided in order to maintain trainings. Some things that you should never do include, becoming overly excited when you see your dog (as they gauge your mood if you’re excited they will be as well), you should not shout at the dog when they jump as this will make them excited and cause more jumping, you should not push the dog as they will return jumping again, never use force or anything that will cause pain or discomfort to the dog because they will become frightened and thus will not learn how to greet people politely.

It may take some time for your dog to get the hang of how to greet people. They are such overly social animals that getting the approval and affection of others is what makes them thrive. Remember to always reward your dog when they do the right thing and also spend time showing them that you care. The more they know you love and care for them, the less likely they are to jump in your face or others for attention.

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