How Do I Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Really Fast?

How Do I Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Really Fast?

Poison ivy plant can grow anywhere even in your kitchen garden therefore to get rid of it really fast then here are a few measures that you can put to do that efficiently.
Boiling water- this is a good option but needs patience. It can also be applied to other stubborn plants and weeds. If poison ivy is growing on your walkway or kitchen garden then boil a lot of water in a kettle, go over to where it has started growing and pour the boiling water on its roots. This method could take up to a few days top completely get rid of the plant but the good news is that it eventually goes away.

Feed it to animals-goats especially Spanish and angora species find this plant a delicacy so if you have kept a goat, you can graze it in your flower bed and be sure they will eat up the plant. The problem is that the goats could destroy other flowers and crops in the process.

Vinegar-white vinegar tends to act efficiently when it comes to getting rid of poison ivy plant. This should be done carefully to prevent your skin from vinegar burns. Take the garden sprayer and fill it with concentrated white vinegar. Aim at the poison ivy leaves do not pour directly on the soil because it will result in acidity in the soil. In case it does spill to the ground, neutralize it with calcitic acid lime for the sake of future crops.

Salt, water and soap- in a large bucket mix water and salt until it is dissolved. Then add a cup of liquid soap and sprat it on the leaves of poison ivy. Take caution not to spray it on other crops as it could destroy them as well.
Smothering- this is risky so avoid any contact with your skin. Use a cardboard to cover the area with the poison ivy plant and place stones and sticks on the cardboard to hold it in place. It should dry up in a few days.
Pulling- this is the most effective way but also very risky. Pulling it off the ground ensures that it is completely eliminated together with its roots. Wear protective clothing to avoid exposure.

In case poison ivy gets to your skin there are three things you need to keep in mind; first, after exposure, you need to wash the oils off of your skin, second, you need to keep the rash cool, and lastly, you will not be helping yourself out if you decide to scratch at the rash. To wash the oils off it is best to use cold or lukewarm water, and scrub your whole body down with a wash cloth you can dispose of afterwards. Also, you should take a toothbrush that you will no longer be using for your teeth and scrub your nails, just in case any of the poison oil got under your nails; getting the oil off of your skin as fast as you can, will increase your chances that the rash will not be as severe.

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