How Dangerous is Low Blood Pressure?

How Dangerous is Low Blood Pressure?

We hear a lot of talk in the media and from medical professionals about the dangers of high blood pressure and how it can lead to heart disease and other problems. But what about those who have low blood pressure? Are those with low blood pressure at risk as well? There are several health issues that can arise from low blood pressure, some are less dangerous than others, but all can reduce quality of life over time.


Severe fatigue is one of the primary symptoms of low blood pressure. While feeling tired may not seem like that big of a deal to some, there is a difference between feeling a bit sleepy and feeling as though you cannot move. Fatigue that is caused by low blood pressure is typically severe enough to cause sufferers to pass out rather than fall asleep due to exhaustion. It can be a clear sign of bigger problems as well, and should be treated according to a doctor’s advice. While there is no sure fire way to cure the fatigue caused by low blood pressure taking supplements as well as performing more physical activities like brisk walking or other light cardio workouts can alleviate some of the fatigue and get the blood pumping.

Lack of Focus, Memory Loss

While it may not seem like it low blood pressure can be as harmful to the brain as it is to the heart. If the brain is not receiving a proper blood supply there can be a variety of issues. One of the many complaints of those who suffer from low blood pressure is lack of focus or clouded memory. With the mind not working at top condition it can be very difficult to concentrate on even simple daily tasks, this can cause sufferers to feel confused and have trouble remembering what is going on.

Dizziness and Fainting

If you have ever gotten up from a chair or out of bed too fast in the morning and feel that blacking out sensation before regaining your bearings you have experienced what it is like to have low blood pressure. The fainting and dizziness that is caused by low blood pressure can cause serious problems. While the average person may experience these moments of dizziness upon standing, a person with low blood pressure can simply blackout while seated, this includes while driving or using heavy equipment,.

It should be clear by these issues, that have a varied degree of severity depending on how low one’s blood pressure is, can be very dangerous. The dangers of low blood pressure can escalate as well, and some with severely low blood pressure have been known to slip into a coma due to lack of oxygen and blood supply to the brain. It can also create issues with work and personal relationships as memory loss can cause missed appointments and misunderstandings. While it may not be as widely discussed as high blood pressure the dangers of low blood pressure can be equally dangerous, though often silent.


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