How Can I Get Rid of Ringworm?

How Can I Get Rid of Ringworm?

Ringworm is a common infection caused by fungus on the skin. Contrary to the name, it does not involve an actual worm. Many bacteria and fungi can be useful in helping your body function. Ringworm refers to a certain kind of fungus that multiplies, causing a rash and irritated skin. It is commonly found among children but people of all ages can develop ringworm.
The fungus that causes ringworm is known to thrive in wet and moist conditions. It is particularly prevalent among people who sweat a lot or are frequently wet, such athletes or swimmers. Unfortunately, the fungus can be easily passed along. It can be transferred with skin-to-skin contact, or by touching infected articles such as pieces of clothing.
Once ringworm develops, it can be difficult to cure. It is a persistent fungus that tends to continue multiplying once it takes hold of an area on your body. However, most cases of ringworm are relatively mild and it is a curable condition. There are steps you can take to eradicate ringworm.

If you suspect that you have developed ringworm, the first step is to consult a doctor. You will want to make sure that your rash is in fact ringworm, and that you havenít developed something more serious. A doctor can usually diagnose ringworm with ease. Most of the time, it can be identified just by looking at the particular patch of skin. But there are additional steps a doctor can take, such as performing a skin biopsy, to identify ringworm.

Many of the steps you take in getting rid of ringworm simply reduce the conditions that allow ringworm to thrive. Since the fungus tends to proliferate in damp areas, you will want to keep the affected skin clean and dry. By reducing the elements that allow the fungus to grow and multiply, you will make it more difficult for it to survive. Also, you will want to avoid putting clothing or fabric on the affected skin area. Clothing can trap moisture, and contribute to rebuilding the environment that allowed the fungus to take hold in the first place. Keeping the skin clear will help it stay dry. This will allow other remedies to be effective and make sure that the ringworm is eradicated as soon as possible.

Another step to take is to wash everything that comes into contact with the skin that is affected by ringworm. This can include your sheets, clothes, and towels. Ringworm is the result of a persistent fungus. This fungus can survive on these fabrics. Even if you are reducing the presence of ringworm on your skin, you can come in contact with it through these items and reintroduce it into your body. Making sure everything is clean and washed will cut down on the risk of prolonging the ringworm rash.
Finally, a doctor can prescribe medication that will help to rid your body of ringworm. There are several over-the-counter options for getting rid of ringworm. They include lotions and creams with special ingredients that kill the fungus and fight ringworm. If your doctor suggests using these products, they can help you get rid of ringworm quickly. Additionally, your doctor may prescribe pills to speed the process along.

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