How Can I Convince My Girlfriend to Change Style of Clothes?

When it comes to fashion, not too many men are daring enough to challenge what their significant other wears. However, if you’re one of the very few bold and daring men out there, the quest to get your woman to change her style of dress is not going to be easy. Women are very emotional creatures and react on that, and therefore you have to discuss the topic with ease and understanding. Should you fail to care about how she will feel, chances are you’ll be looking for a new girlfriend. Or at least an apology gift.

Compliment Another Woman (Preferably a Celebrity)

Again, it is important that you tread this topic very lightly and don’t cause more drama. If you really want your girlfriend to change her style of clothes, it might take a bit of mind foolery to get the point across. If you see your girlfriends favorite female celebrity on television and she is looking exceptionally nice you might pay her a compliment. For a woman, this is an indicator that her guy is interested in clothing. Now, you shouldn’t say something like, Man, Julia Robert’s butt looks great in those pants!because this will never go over well.

Instead you want to say something along the lines of, Julia’s style of pants is great. You guys have a similar body type and I think you’d look killer in those.This compliment was not a direct insult, it did not leave your girlfriend out of the picture, and it allowed you to voice your opinion without getting into too much trouble. Hopefully this will work and she might go out and buy those pants to surprise you.

Buy Her Something You’d Like to See

If the subliminal messages are not working, you may have to up the ante a bit to see how she will respond. Go out to the mall or local boutique and shop around for something that you would love to see her in. when shopping for your girlfriend and she is not there, you must keep her current style in mind. Changing her style will be gradual and thus you don’t want to scare her by bringing home something she would never wear. For instance if your girlfriend is more of a cardigan and slacks kind of girl, you should go looking for a sleeveless dress as this might be too much. When you present her with the gift, just remember to tell her you thought she would look great in this.

Take Her Shopping

The last bit of advice for telling your girlfriend to change her style of clothes is to take her shopping. Don’t necessarily tell her why you’re taking her out, but just treat her to a few outfits. As she is shopping, act interested. If you really want her to change her wardrobe, you’re going to have to show her that you’re interested. Make suggestions by showing her things that you like, and maybe you guys can find common ground.

The only other thing you can do is flat out tell her you would prefer to see her in something new. Now beware as this might cause a mini argument and may not be worth the headache. But if you approach the scenario calmly, all should be well in the end.

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