How Can Alcoholism be Treated?

How Can Alcoholism be Treated?

There are plenty of options for treating alcoholism. The main priority however, should be to get the abuser to remain sober. An alcoholic in otherwise good health is in most cases able to make a full recovery when they have the love, support, and motivation of others. Whether you are a family member or the person in need of help you should first start by understanding that treating alcoholism may involve a series of remedies that include therapy, medication, and lifestyle changes. Other thing to keep in mind is that recovery is not going to happen overnight and relapse can occur. Below are a few ideas of treatment options for alcoholism.

Conventional Medication

An alcoholic can only receive effective treatment if they are willing to get help and acknowledges that they do have a problem. It is possible that your loved one will need to take medications in order to get their condition under control. Anti-anxiety drugs such as Benzodiazepines are used to treat withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, seizures, and anxiety. These medications are generally used during the detox phase which is when most symptoms are displayed. Another common medication type that is used is antidepressants. They may help in controlling the persons feelings of anxiety or depression. These medications are generally an aid provided after detox has already taken place.

Once an alcoholic has gone through detox the road to recovery has only just begun. Because alcoholism is a disease that takes over the brain, relapses can be quite frequent which is why getting help mentally is the next step to treatment. The doctor will typically recommend a therapist that you should meet with to learn new ways of dealing with underlying problems. (Since in most cases, alcoholism is a result of stress or depression). Cognitive therapy practices are taught in which they help them learn new methods of dealing with stresses in life.

Lifestyle Changes
Recovering from alcoholism does not stop at the doctor or therapist. Treatment also has to take place in the home. Physical affects that are common for alcoholics include: vitamin A deficiency, Vitamin B complex, and deficiency in other substances such as vitamin c, folic acide, zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. In order for the body not to remain weak and dependent it becomes imperative to develop a healthy change in lifestyle. Taking a multivitamin and eating a well balanced diet is ideal for full recovery.

If you’re going to stay abstinent it becomes imperative that you take these steps to changing your life around and removing yourself from negative influences. Some changes you will have to make include: removing yourself from people and places in which drinking is a normal thing, join a group where you can get support from others going through the same thing, talking with your family members about your problems and asking for support, taking on new hobbies that will keep your mind off of alcohol, and also exercising so that brain chemical levels can return to normal.

Remember to keep in mind that this is not an easy process and everyone recovers differently. Some can do it without medication and therapy, while others need lots of support and love. Whatever option you choose, the best thing you or your loved one could ever do is get help.

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