Healthy Ways To Control Your Acne During PMS

Healthy Ways To Control Your Acne During PMS

A woman is already experiencing numerous discomforts during her monthly period, from emotional, psychological to physical. She may also have to deal with acne breakout during this time. 63% of women in the reproductive age population experience menstrual acne.

Menstrual acne is very common among women and is correlated with the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during the cycle. The breakout usually happens around 7 to 10 days prior to the onset of bleeding and usually subsides as the bleeding decreases. Some may experience the breakout in just a certain part of their face while some experience a worst case scenario and have it all over their faces.

How PMS Causes Acne

The average cycle of menstruation is around 28 days and each day has different hormones acting up. The two main hormones contributing to menstruation are estrogen and progesterone. There comes a point in the cycle wherein each of the two hormones rises to a certain level individually. As the day of bleeding approaches, both these hormones drop to the lowest level. The rise and fall of these hormones affects the skin and triggers acne breakout during PMS.

During the mid-cycle, progesterone rises again. As this happens, a thick and oily substance in the skin that acts as a natural lubricant increases with the hormone progesterone. This is called the sebum. The body’s response to the hormone increase is to have the skin swell and the pores compress shut. This then keeps the sebum under the surface as it builds up inside. This is advantageous to some women because it causes a certain glow in their skin, while some are not so lucky because the sebum promotes growth of bacteria that causes acne.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is recommended for women who experience extreme cases of acne breakouts. The treatment should be prescribed by a physician and it should be monitored as well. An ob-gyn or an endocrinologist can help you out with this.

Treatment options may include birth control pills that help by increasing the level of estrogen. As this happens, the level of progesterone decreases. Pills can also help in decreasing oil production, which is one of the main causes of acne. When using the pill, do not expect the results overnight. You have to be patient and wait for a few months before you finally notice the effect.

Personal Treatment

The number one rule in keeping your skin healthy is to practice good hygiene. Wash your face twice a day and never sleep with make-up on. Try not to touch your face throughout the day, as oils from hands and other substances on you hands may cause irritation to your face. Smoking cessation is also recommended because chemicals found in cigarettes contribute to acne breakout.

Severe and extreme cases will need the consult of a dermatologist, and they may prescribe other types of medications for you. This may be in the form of cream, ointment, gels, foams, scrubs, etc. What they prescribe to you will depend on your skin type and the severity of your condition. It is better to ask the experts than to experiment with the treatment by yourself. Remember, you are already stressed out with other PMS discomforts and the last thing you need is more problems.

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