Hair Transplant Disadvantages And Failure

Hair Transplant Disadvantages And Failure

Hair transplant is of great benefit for people whose hair tends to thin and fall out. The process involves transplanting hair from a different area of the body onto the balding regions of the scalp. Hair transplant can leave the recipient site more prone to scar development and tissue damage. This is because much of the dermis around the follicular region has to be dissected to fit the hair graft. This damages the tissues of the follicular dermis which protects the follicles. As a result, this area now becomes more prone to scarring and infections. Infection is a very common medical risk associated with hair transplants.

Another disadvantage of hair transplant is that it can result in scarring of the scalp. This is especially true for those with loose scalps. The more number of sessions you undergo, the more the chances of developing scars on the scalp. Scarring can result in a decrease in graft survival rate, which greatly reduces the efficiency of hair transplantation.

Another major downside of hair transplant is that it can be a costly procedure. The cost usually depends on the number of grafts which are transplanted. The cost per graft ranges from $3 to $7 each, which means that the entire process can cost $10,000 – $20,000+. The price varies depending on the extent of your hair loss problem. Sometimes, hair transplantation can result in an unnatural look, since the hair grafts are packed in a grid like pattern. As a result, some people may not be happy with the final results.

Hair Transplant Failure

Hair transplant failure does not necessarily mean that after the hair transplant, the patient’s hair does not grow back. Failure can also be defined as cases where the hair growth seems unnatural. In most cases, failures occur when surgeons use multi blades to remove strips of healthy hair follicles, which in turn decrease the number of hair that can be used again for the transplantation procedure.

One of the main reasons for failure of hair transplants is the patient’s own physiology. While the exact reasons for physiological clashes are unknown, they do exist. Apart from this, postoperative care plays a very crucial role in the success of a hair transplant. More specifically, the care given over the first ten days is critical. If this is not done properly, chances of damage to the grafts are very high. Touching, pulling and bumping the grafts should be avoided in order to avoid hair transplant failure.

While infection after a hair transplant is rare, it can occur. Therefore, anything that causes friction or excessive sweating should be avoided, as this can lead to failure of the process. In rare cases, there could be delayed growth of hair that has been transplanted. This is not uncommon and does not necessarily imply failure of hair transplant.

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